Hair Modeling Job in San Francisco / Bay Area

By | November 2, 2017

Hair Model Casting- San Francisco, CA

Location: San Francisco, CA

Type: Modeling


WHAT: This is for a hair model job. At a hair model job you will sit, stand, or walk the runway while industry professionals discuss your hair in order for our clients to market their brand/product via an live audience, photos, or video.

AUDITION DATE: December 2nd by exclusive invite only
RATE: $1,200.00 minus 10% TOTAL ($600 – 10% for EACH day) – NO OTHER EXPENSES PAID FOR
WORK DATES: The job works December 3rd 9am to 5pm and 4th 8am to 5pm
LOCATION of AUDITION: San Francisco, CA (Exact location given to invited models)
REQUESTED SIZE REQUIREMENTS – dress size 0-4 for females, 5’7 or taller
REQUESTED AGE RANGE – must be legally 18 and appearing 30 or younger

In general models should be open to some degree of cut and color, chin length or longer. None of the looks are over-the-top. All are commercial friendly or everyday looks. Some of the looks they are using for inspiration are below. They specifically are asking for the following:
• Brunette model preferably with bangs or willing to have bangs open to a shoulder length Bob
• Those with existing or willing to be a Red Model open to color of red or a vibrant hue of red
• Blonde open to color within existing range with the addition of fun color but extensions can be used for fun color which will fade after a few shampoos

No changes will be made unless you agree to them. This will be discussed at the audition with the stylist. We cannot work with models who currently have extensions, perms, weaves, or wigs.


Simply reply to this email.

1. Please title your email “SF CAST”
2. Attach one selfie to show your current hair as it is NOW and 2 current professional shots. Please make sure 1 is a full length shot.
3. IN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL, please answer the following. (JUST CUT & PASTE THIS)
A. Are you willing to cut your hair? (Please explain how many inches you are willing to cut)
B. Are you willing to color your hair? (Please explain what colors you are open to)
C. Are you open to creative colors or pastel colors/highlights?
D. Are you open to getting a fringe or bangs?
E. Do you have any hair allergies?
F. When and what was the last thing you had to your hair done? We want to be sure there are no conflicts & your hair is healthy.
G. Have you colored your hair in the past couple months? IF so was your hair colored from a box or professionally? Was it permanent or demi?
H. Please provide your name, contact number, email, height, and dress size


• Please do not send us an email saying “SUBMIT ME”. Please follow the directions above.
• Do not double submit with us or another company. You only need to submit through us.
• Do not send us a link to other photos. It will not be followed.
• Please do not send us videos at this time.
• Please do not submit photos of you in sunglasses, a hat, with other people or your hair pulled back. Please do not submit black and whites or overly filtered photos such as those taken on Snapchat. If you don’t have a good selfie take one, but PLEASE make it a good one. Your photo is your resume for this job!

ABOUT US – We have been booking talent for hair & beauty shows for almost 13 years. All talent must apply, be approved, and register to attend the casting which is all FREE. If you book you make money, if you don’t you don’t. That’s it. We do not sell or promote any products or brands.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: San Francisco, CA
Please submit to: by 2017-12-03

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