Movie Role Auditions in Galloway, New Jersey for “Another Time Movie”


Another Time Movie

Location: Galloway, New Jersey

Type: Film

Another Time follows David Monroe, a 55 year old Admissions officer at a Private University. His job on the line and his most recent relationship ended by text and he begins to reevaluate his life and choices. He meets Paige, a young musician, who reminds him of his distant past. In fact his past and present merge together as he relives old events, lovers, and choices. David with the help of Paige, his best friend Greg, and his love of music all help him realize what lies ahead and the possibilities that await.

Female: Any age. The waitress brought out during shows, Quizzo, or Thursday night. She is professional for the old timers, pretty for the college types, and able to get a read on any costumer quickly.

22 -25. Paige has escaped the regular humdrum of college life and formed her own band. She is genuinely unique with a wide taste in music both modern and “classic.” Deborah, is a wickedly smart ambitious young woman with an eye for talent and ability. Both have a similar otherworldly beauty.

45 – 50- Greg lives the academic lifestyle and reputation. He enjoys his tweed, wears large glasses, and views his look as classic. He has the presence of a man who has found his calling and loves the work.

The woman who recently broke up with David. She is a wonderful woman with a taste for adventure. She is in her 40’s, perceptive, and smart enough not to walk down the aisle with someone just because they asked

Mr and Mrs Baker:
A 40 – 50 year old couple of mixed race, professional and dotting. They want what is best for their daughter but like all parents are caught between supporting her dreams and keeping her grounded for the world.

Chloe Baker:
18 years old. One of those young people who could change the world. She is a brilliant young student, beautiful, and as talented as everyone says. She knows what she wants and has a feeling that she can accomplish it but… a lifetime of worry inherited from her parents and others has given her doubts.

In her 40’s: Greg’s wife. An academic herself she and Greg have raised a family together and are still happy after all of these years. She tends to push Greg and provides a perspective he often doesn’t hear.
Shooting Starts: July 10, 2017
Shooting Ends: July 14, 2017

If you are interested please contact
Please send headshots, an updated resume, and if possible a reel or other filmed footage. You will be contacted individually over email with a follow up by phone if you are being considered.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Galloway, New Jersey
Please submit to: by 2017-06-15

This casting notice was posted by: Lederman Allen Productions

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