NYC Actor Auditions for “F*ck la Vie d’Artiste,” a play, Paid, Male Role

Fu*k la Vie d’Artiste

Location: New York, NY

Type: Theater

Casting “F*ck la Vie d’Artiste,” a play.

Casting the role of:

VINCENT, (Non-AEA men, age 25-45, African-American, African, Northern African or Middle Eastern) ; Dutch expatriate; artistic genius; relentless, passionate, and volatile; consumed, euphoric, and rapturous; he breaks rules, as a rule; he still resides in the small, windowless room where he died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds in Auvers-sur-Oise, France on July 29, 1890. Now, he’s been mentoring a young painter (not haunting – mentoring). He passionately pushes her to paint faster, faster, faster, and to see what others do not. This role is a contemporary re-imagining of Van Gogh, with a focus on his position as an immigrant in a society slow to accept outsiders. As such, we are not interested in recreating a traditional portrait of Van Gogh. We are specifically seeking an ethnically diverse casting pool. French language skills preferred. Actor playing Vincent doubles as the role of Voyou, a young man involved in the 2005 riots surrounding Paris after two youths of color were killed in an unjustified police chase; he speaks mostly in French with a lot of street slang; he is somewhat prophetic, a catalyst for action in the rest of the play.

Play Synopsis: France, 2005. Zenab is an aspiring French-Moroccan artist stuck giving tours of the room where Vincent Van Gogh died. When Vincent’s ghost begins to speak to her, she finds herself torn between her art and Avery, the American woman she’s fallen in love with. Meanwhile, riots explode near Paris after two young men of color are killed in a police chase. Zenab joins the riots, easel in hand, to paint her own version of France – one that digs deeper than the postcard-perfect veneer sold to tourists. Based on the true story of Bouna Traoré, 15, and Zyed Benna, 17, whose deaths inspired weeks of sustained rioting across France, this play asks the question: What does it mean when your own country sees you as an outsider?

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations
Rehearsals begin no earlier than June 19 and no later than June 27 in NYC. Rehearsal schedule shall constitute no more than 25 hours/wk. for four weeks (with rehearsals starting week of June 26), or no more than 20 hours/wk. for five weeks (with rehearsals starting week of June 19), notwithstanding tech week or performances. Tech week begins July 19. Performs July 26-30 (five performances) at Theater 54 at Shetler Studios in NYC. Strikes July 30.

Compensation & Union Contract Details
Pays: $200 stipend. Nonunion.

In your cover letter, indicate your availability for auditions and for summer rehearsals. When submitting, indicate your level of familiarity with the French language. Applicants selected to audition will be notified by April 7.

Submissions only. Auditions held by invitation only on April 9, 2017 in Manhattan.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: New York, NY
Please submit to: by 2017-04-04

This casting notice was posted by: Eccentric Theater Company

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