Open Auditions in Atlanta for Richard Torrence’s “Lord Why Can’t I Do Right?” Musical

Richard Torrence’s “Lord Why Can’t I Do Right?”

Location: Atlanta GA

Type: Theater

Non Union. Male and Female, Ages 18+, All Body Types, and All Ethnicities etc.
Paid Compensation based on role. Singers, Actors, Musicians, and Production Crew needed.
If you are auditioning for a singing role be prepared to sing a cappella (song of your choice).
Actors please prepare a short audition piece (2 min max).

For consideration, email for an audition application. Please include current headshot and bodyshot, your resume, and a link to an online reel (if applicable) with your completed application. Please put “Role Interested – Your Name” in the subject of the email.

Production Description:

  • Kenny, an unsuccessful man by society’s standards, is caught up by a fascination with women, drugs and money. Following an unfortunate near death experience, Kenny’s true purpose in life is revealed. Now, Kenny must spread the word about the grace and goodness of God.
  • Kenny’s brother DeAundre is a white collar hustler, who is extremely successful at scheming the community to support his fake businesses. For his own selfish reasons, DeAundre offers to assist Kenny in establishing a church to proclaim how he overcame death.
  • DeAundre conceives a manipulative plan to use his brother’s church to expand his phony empire, while ignoring Kenny’s supernatural gift of ministry. When two brothers with contradicting objectives collaborate to start a church, all hell is bound to break loose. It’s a grueling life to live when your own blood cannot be trusted.
  • DeAundre Kahn (Dre): A man of true deceit and manipulation, motivated to succeed by material possessions; which were obtained as a results of shrewd skills of persuasion, diligence and cleverness to outsmart acquaintances.
  • Kenny Kahn: Tormented by a need for affirmation from his brother, Dre. After failing to accomplish worldly goals the time has come to search for purpose, truth and salvation to find a release from the shackles of sin and oppression.
  • Joyce Alexander: An experienced woman exuding faith, self-confidence and stability, scorned by the status quo of love and inconsiderate actions of others desiring the existence of companionship.
  • James Reed: A young immature male lacking discipline and direction, absorbed by defense mechanisms such as irrational behavior and self-centeredness to cope with the manifestations of abandonment experienced in early childhood.
  • Penny Cain: Groomed by the streets and primarily persuaded by monetary and material contributions, willing to be humiliated in relationships in order to obtain financial stability. Preyed on by accomplished men, who perceive the paranoia she experiences in
  • developing genuine companionship with others.
  • Deborah McClinton: An educated medical professional with obnoxious charm and character who retired after winning an insurance settlement. As an entrepreneur who desires to be admired by the community she never misses an opportunity to gossip and insert her wittiness about the affairs of others.
  • Eula Mae Way: A devout Christian who seems to suffer from an intellectual disability characterized by impaired cognitive functioning; passionate for advancing the Kingdom of God using a nurturing and radiant spirit to cleanse the atmosphere and create a safe haven for those seeking a change.
  • Pastor Larry Walker: A cultured theologian with conventional traditions of proclaiming the gospel. Trained to believe the doctrine of the Baptist church has an obligation to help individuals differentiate between the intertwined social and moral philosophies of the community.
  • Cheryl Washington: A beautiful, yet vain and inconsiderate feminist who suppresses emotional relationship with extravagant appearances and possessions and is willing to denounce personal imperfections for popularity.
  • Hood: A young man who ignores traditional authority and only respects those who break the law.
  • Willy: A womanizer with a goal to obtain money and use it to manipulate woman.
  • Che Che: Notorious drug King Pin who runs the largest distribution operation in North America, employing individuals who can help expand business, but will kill anyone who attempts to jeopardize the operation.
  • Eric: A musical genius tasked with the responsibility of building a choir to minister to the souls of the community.

Lord Why Can't I Do Right

February 4th 2017 10am – 3pm
The Loft @ Cumberland Community Church
(3110 Sports Ave SE, Smyrna, GA 30080)

Payment: Paid
Stipend Provided

City or Location of call: Atlanta GA
Please submit to: by 2017-02-03

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