Actor Auditions in Somerville, MA Area for “Pioneers to the Land of the Dead”


Reading of Pioneers to the Land of the Dead

Location: Davis Square, Somerville, MA

Type: Theater

Workshop reading. A chance to play Oscar Wilde, Emily Bronte, F.M. Alexander, Sally Ride, Rudolf Steiner, Mary of Bethlehem, and other plus-sized personalities but with a twist. This play will warp minds and leave you with the eerie feeling that death isn’t what you thought it was, and life isn’t either. Other characters are unknown to history but have important things to say to the living.

In order to support as many actors’ careers as possible I want to give as many people a chance to take part in this. The possibilities of double-casting allow for great flexibility; it can be done with 4 or many, so I want all who are passionate about this or feel a gut feeling pulling them to do it. Anyone who feels a weird dislike for the project is probably not a fit. A spirit of adventure required.

You deserve to be paid, but unfortunately I don’t have means to do that–but this should be a meaty role to add to a resume. If it goes to community production you’ll have a good shot at the role.

Rather than having you read I will meet with actors individually, either in person or by video conference or phone if need be, to see if we are a fit. The reading will be in February in Davis Square. I will let you look at the script and you may read sides if you are so inspired. I’m looking for the people who are most inspired by this very weird script, which I believe to be extremely polar–people will either have extreme interest or none whatever.

Payment: Non Paid


City or Location of call: Davis Square, Somerville, MA
Please submit to: [email protected] by 2017-02-10

This casting notice was posted by: Joshua Myrvaagnes, Director

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