Seattle Auditions for Indie Student Film Project

ELT, a family film

Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Film

Film Synopsis: Two big-city teenage sisters are sent to their grandparent’s rural equestrian center for Christmas break. While initially disappointed because they had planned to spend their vacation in Hawaii, the sisters connect to roots they never knew, learn the value of family, and help save their grandparents’ horse ranch, which the the community has come to rely on, from foreclosure by using their savvy and ingenuity.


Karen Claspill (F)- 40s, Elegant, put-together, capable. She has the no-nonsense logic of a successful CEO or a lawyer at an expensive law firm but has a soft spot for her two teenage daughters.

Christian (M)– 40s, Clean-cut with an impish boyishness twinkling in his eyes. He exudes the charm of a poet with his curious gaze. He is the best-friend kind of dad to his two teenage daughters.

Gramma (F)- 60s, A young grandmother. The gracefully aged version of a country prom queen. Matronly and caring. The kind of grandmother who bakes apple pies and makes bread from scratch. Energetic and spry despite her years.

Fiona (F)– 20s, Gorgeous and athletic with the fluidity of a dancer. Outdoorsy. Dazzling, genuine smile. Caring and accepting. Ideally can ride horses to at least an intermediate level.

Jessica(F)- 16-18 (or 18+ to look younger), Tech geek who looks like she is equally at home with anime or computer programming code. Sarcastic and quick witted. Retro 1980s style.

Barrett (F)- 16-18 (or 18+ to look younger), Techie, geek chic girl. Bookish and always ready with a nerdy, snarky joke.

Wesley (M) – 16-18 (or 18+ to look younger), Thin, tan, and good-looking. Abercrombie and fitch model type but his sunburns are more likely to come from working outside rather than lounging beside a pool. Proud of his farmer’s tan. Looks at home in a trucker’s cap.

Brad (M) – 16-18 (or 18+ to look younger), Tech nerd with a goofy sense of humor. Awkward but genuine and good-natured. Equally at home discussing sci-fi or calculus. Sharp, witty sense of humor

Michael Babbage (M)- 40s, Trendy yet rumpled quirky, inventor type. Professional nerd who writes computer code but dreams of the stars. Steve jobs type tech genius.

Leonard (M)- 50s. Good natured but awkward. The quintessential rumpled banker. Better with numbers than communicating with words, which leads to spoonerisms and malapropisms. Easily flustered.

Male and female ranch hand background actors (M/F) – All Ages. Variety of athletic builds. Horse riding experience or at least comfort dealing with horses preferred but not necessary.

If interested, we will provide sides and request a video audition.

Please send headshots/resumes to:
Sides will be provided for a video audition if one is requested.
Compensation will be SAG-AFTRA day rates for lead and supporting and a negotiated day rate for background actors.

Video auditions followed by in-person callbacks, 9/9/17 and 9/10/17

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Seattle, WA
Please submit to: by 2017-09-17

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