Teen Actor Auditions in Orlando / South Florida for Web Series


Casting Call for Hispanic Tween / Teen Boys in Orlando Florida, FL/south Florida

Location: orlando florida, FL/south florida

Type: Web series

Carlos is an easy going guy and jokes around a lot. He is warm, caring, and incredibly loyal to his loved ones, . His ADHD does affect on his behavior. Especially if unmanaged, his disorder can make him violent, unfocused, or hypersentive. Although, does try managing his ADHD to the best of his ability; he joined the wrestling team so that he could have a way to release his aggression.he was put into the foster system and remained there until he was a adopted AT AGE 12

Videos should be no longer than 2-3 minutes in length.


I don’t like the way he bullies you Mom. (beat) What’s he gotta push you around like that for? …I saw him Mom, I heard him push you and I heard you scream at him. You didn’t think I was home, I was home. I DON’T LIKE HIM! He’s no good for you or this family. Send him back wherever he came from, he’s a total sh*tbag and I can’t stand him!


Payment: Other

City or Location of call: orlando florida, FL/south florida
Please submit to: cppictures847@gmail.com by 2017-11-29

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