Actor Auditions in Manchester for Screen Test / Facial Expression Project


18-20 yrs Male actor needed

Location: Manchester

Type: Other Projects

we are looking for a male actor aged between 18-20 years of aged to do a facial performance capture for a test.

Please find below the brief bio to help assist the male actor (aged 18-20) to get into character and some examples of the type of character we are looking for.

He is a geeky character who believes he’s cool. He is a HUGE fan of comic books and science. His movements often seems like slow-mo, especially his eyelids and jaw openings are sometimes annoyingly slow throughout his enthusiastic monologue about science problems within The Avengers movie. He is often picked on at school, but he’s not letting that affect his thinking about science projects and mind experiments in his head that are making him distant to other kids. One time, He was so excited about his science project to do with wave-particles duality of light, that he forgot to go to the class. That day he got an F and 36th unexcused absence. His grades are not too pretty either. Some say that he is in his own world of superheroes and science, mastering the craft and making his Iron Man like metal suit. Overall, he is a genius trapped in a body of 14 years old kid with a lisp. He is well aware of his appearance and physical “anomalies” and when he’s being picked on, he is going to try to scientifically explain why he wears glasses or braces, why he has a lisp, thin arms and that skin mole. No matter what he is talking, nobody is taking him too seriously because of the lisp and constant sniffling.

Characters personalities that we like and some references are …

Please find below a brief script, which will be edited. But perhaps the actor could read parts from it.

-Soooooo, today I went back to school… Yes, that hideous building!

-I wish we could solve equations all day. I really like solving mathematical problems. And its integration in chemistry and physics…Oh man, I got the goosebumps! But no! We have to learn about history and some king that lived 500 years ago! Who cares about that guy! I bet he couldn’t even read! Don’t make me start talking about English classes. My least favorite event of the day… I had to read my homework in front of the whole class, but I didn’t write it so I had to make up the whole thing with my lisp! But hey! Nobody laughed, because nobody was listening, so that went pretty good.

-I got picked on just once today. Steven told me I have big teeth and started calling me names. I mean BIG TEETH! Pffffff, I guess they got tired calling me nerd…At least this is more original… He followed me and just wouldn’t stop! Soooooo, I had to do my superhero moves on him and I don’t know why, but he started laughing even more. But, I’m OK! I scared him off! Because I am the bomb!

-And on top of everything, nobody noticed that I have a new haircut!

-One last thing, I think someone wrote KICK ME on my back and I can’t take it off. Would you?

We are ideally looking to start early next week with the actor being available for 1 day a week for approximately the next four weeks

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Manchester
Please submit to: by 2018-09-07

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