Actors, Kids & Young Adults for Culver City Student Film


Don’t Leave Me Birdie

Location: Culver City, CA

Type: Student Films

Hi, my name is Mia Cassidy and I go to the Culver City High School.culver
We are making a Short Film (student run, non-paid) and are trying to find actors to be in it,

We are looking for:

1 young boy, ethnicity doesn’t matter:
between 6-9 years old. (no lines)

1 older man, ethnicity doesn’t matter:
between 23-60 years old. (no lines)

The film is going to be part animated/ part live action of a boy who is playing in his yard and picks up a butterfly. (In animation) We see two humanoid-like cells, one on the butterfly’s wing and one on the boy’s hand. As the boy holds the butterfly, the cells meet and fall in love. The butterfly dies and the boy puts it back in the garden
ripping the two cells from each other. Many years later we see a man (older version of boy) visiting his old childhood house and finds a butterfly wing on the floor, picks it up and the two cells are reunited.

Thank you for your help! We greatly appreciate it.

Shooting will only take 1-2 days. Please contact me, Mia Cassidy at (310) 874 3908 for more information. πŸ™‚

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Culver City, CA
Please submit to: by 2018-11-11

This casting notice was posted by: Mia Cassidy

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