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Video game based fan project is looking for on-camera actress

Location: nationwide

Type: Web series

For my fan-made series: Super Mario Numb3rs, I’m looking for an actress who is interested to film herself for role of Alice and her villainous doppelganger Dr. Math.

To audition, you just have to send in a video recording of yourself reading the two scenes below:

LOCATION: A dark room.
Dr. Math is in the darkness.
Luigi: Are you sure about this, guys? I mean Dr. Math is not going to lead us to her lair.

But I just have. (a light goes on, revealing Dr. Math)

Sonic: Dr. Math!

Dr. Math: You guys sure have the skills to make it this far. I’m impressed!

Tails: Save your words, Dr. Math. Now get out of our way-

Sonic: Tails! I thought you were going to stay behind!

Tails: Well, if this has to do with the chaos emeralds, I thought you may need my help.

Dr Math: What a brave young fellow you have, Sonic.

Sonic: Zip it, Dr. Math!

Mario: You are going to lead us to your lair, right now!

Dr. Math: I already have. My job is finished.

White: What are you talking about?

Dr. Math: I’m a double agent. I was on your side as well.

Sonic: Our side? I wouldn’t believe it.

Dr. Math: Guys. Think about it! Who lead you here?

Luigi: You did!

Mario: Luigi, no-

Dr. Math: Who gave you the math to help you open doors that use codes?

Link: You did!

Sonic: Guys, don’t-

Dr. Math: Sonic. You got to believe me. I’ve been helping you guys all along.

Tails: Then why did you tie me up to a machine?

Dr. Math: That wasn’t supposed to kill you. Even if you got it wrong or destroyed the machine, it wouldn’t kill you.

Mario: Then how about the fact that you been kidnapping seven girls from different worlds?

Dr. Math: If my master found out I was against him, he would kill me and get someone that would get the girls more quicker.

Snake: Then why were you working with Liquid who has committed a brutal series of kidnappings and murders in Sacramento?

Dr. Math: I never knew he was working with my master. I just had to do what need to be done, making sure you guys would save the day on time.

Ash: You know guys. I don’t know what to think now.

Dr. Math: I just wanted you to know that even though I was on the bad side, I was helping you guys get nearer and nearer to my master’s lair. Oh, what am I saying? He’s not my master. He’s nothing but an evil demon.

Mario: An evil demon!

Luigi: Who is he?

Dr. Math: He resurrected after I found him in some ruins near by here. I never knew it was such an evil demon. But for my life, I did as he said. But there’s still time. In about an hour, he’ll be immortal after he takes the seven souls of the females along with the power of the chaos emeralds.

Mario: I can’t believe what I’m hearing.

Dr. Math: This demon can be stopped if you guys get to chaos emeralds back. You must stop that demon.

Sonic: How can we believe you?

Dr. Math: Because I will go in with you.
(dressed in a black cloak / hoodie)

Alice: (her face covered by the cloak) We are outside an old mansion in Bright Town. This is my home. You wanted answers, so I will tell you.

*Alice took off the hood around her head*

Shadow: Dr. Math?!

Alice: No, my name is Alice Ideasly. Dr. Math is nothing but an idea. Now nothing but a memory.

Shadow: Why did she look like you?

Alice: Because the person who gave her a physical appearance used me as a basis for her design. I am from a world that observes ideas thought up by people from the real world. The ideas we like, we make real, otherwise, it is what it is, an idea. I was once an assistant to a scientist named Eric Bright. He wanted to travel to other worlds. He made a portal that linked our world to any world. I went through the portal to test it and something happened. I gained the ability to create portals at will. Our kind also have the ability to view things going on in other worlds. I looked to see what happened. The scientist I once knew became evil and just a head with powers to move things with his mind. He also created things out of nothing. He went by the name Dr. Pipeazoid. I witnessed his defeat by your friends. He was the one who gave Dr. Math her physical form.

Shadow: So who were those others and where were we?

Alice: They were other ideas that took on physical form without our help. They have no blood to go through their body and heart. We called them Bloodless, those without blood. The Bloodless were ideas of replacing fictional characters like you if they died, but never revived. They and other ideas that we see are mostly rejected ideas. The Bloodless are a vengeful group. The most common are called Blusk, hollowed clothes with no face. If you seen the Nobodies from the Kingdom Hearts series, same kind of idea, but they are red. The thirteen people you saw are the strongest of the Bloodless. They call themselves the Organization. They took on a form close to the one they replace cause the one had a strong heart. The one you followed was the leader, Xaria. She was ment to replace theone you call Maria. We were at their place, Castle Death.

Shadow: No wonder why I thought I saw Maria. I am going to kill her for impersonating Maria.

Alice: You have been infected with affect of my home world. If anyone have experienced in being evil, you will become that of an evil being.

Shadow: I have done evil, but I stopped it. I work with a government organization to do right for all the wrong I have done.

Alice: That is why you haven’t changed. You can control the darkness , but if you fall deeply into it, you will be changed.

Shadow: I guess I will be working on controlling it.

Alice: You will have to cause I will need your help. Your friend Sonic is in trouble, and Dr. Pipeazoid has some creation that has been activated now.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: nationwide
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: Tim Lemmens

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  1. Hanna

    Is this role still available? In that case how dark should the room be?


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