Atlanta Area Casting Call for Actors on Short Film “Day of Fate”

By | December 2, 2018

Casting for short Drama film

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Type: Film

Day of Fate

Day of Fate is a short film that takes place in a world of emerging superheroes.

The film all takes place in one day as we follow Fate, the first daughter of a former villain, as she tries to make it through the day to earn enough money to take care of her sick father. To make things worse, this day happens to take place during the biggest hero fight that the city as ever seen.

Fate – (Late 20s, Caucasian, Asian) – Fate is someone who just lives life one day at a time. She is someone who will tell you exactly how she feels about you if you like it or not. Fate is a personal driver for Ms. Skylar. It’s not her ideal job in the world but she is unable to get another job. She has the same powers as her father but they are so useless that she doesn’t even consider herself to have any. (For this role we’re looking for someone who is “Thin or Athletic”)

Ms. Skylar ( Late 20s to Late 30s, Female, Open to all races) – Ms. Skylar is the number 2 hero in the city. Even though she looks to be in her 30s she is actually much older. She is seen as a mother figure to both Fate and Maya. (We’re looking for with an athletic body type for this role)

Maya – (18 to 23, Female, Open to all Races) – Maya is the Side Kick of Ms. Skylar. She has the power of super strength. Maya is known to be a bit of an emotional brat and quick to run into a battle without assessing the situation. (We are looking for someone who has a muscular build for this role.)

Hayden – (Mid to Late 20s, Male or Female, Open to all races) Hayden is Fate’s best friend. Hayden is considered to be a bottom level villain, one that heroes and even the cops don’t even bother to deal with. Hayden is a bit of a conspiracy theorist. ( Hayden is more on the heavy/curvy side)

If you’re interested in auditioning for this film, please send your headshot and resume to
Please use the subject line day2018(The role you’re auditioning for)

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta, Georgia
Please submit to: by 2018-12-13

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