Auditions in Austin Texas for Season 1 of “Skyvault”



Location: Austin, TX

Type: Web series

Skyvault is a modern space epic in the style of classic adventure serials. Season 1 will include 12 episodes running at 25-30 minutes each. Rehearsals begin in August, and production runs from fall to winter. More information on the project can be found at

Pays $100 a day, meals provided, non-union. Principal roles will be compensated monthly at $2000 a month for the length of production.

Auditions will run from Tuesday, May 29th to Friday, June 8th and will be held between 1PM and 5PM. Please email us your headshot and resume to, and let us know which days you will be available.

We are accepting video auditions – if you’re interested in submitting a video instead of attending in person, please let us know in your application, and we’ll send you sides for your character along with any further instructions.

Please be aware that this project will involve travel to multiple Texas cities. The amount of travel will vary by role.

We are seeking a diverse cast – all ethnicities will be considered for all parts unless specifically addressed in the following descriptions.


Female, Early 20s
Kat has a strict honor code, a strong work ethic, and the ability to jump from mellow to fierce at a moment’s notice. She wants to have fun and do what she likes without interference, and lives on a principle of “I won’t bother you if you won’t bother me.” She relies on her gut reactions and intuitions, trusting her own judgement above all else.
This role requires physical action, specifically fight choreography and light stunt work.

Male, Early 20s
Truman is a starry-eyed scholar who wants to break free of his inflexible upbringing to explore his own theories out in the field. He’s ambitious and generous, but also very cautious. He’s only completely comfortable with a decision when he’s been able to think it through – otherwise he’s nervous, panicky, snarky, and complains about everything that led to this situation. He rarely has time to think things through.
This role requires physical action, specifically fight choreography and light stunt work.

Male, Late 30s to 40s, short, balding, calm and reassuring face
Shay is the hero who has to make hard decisions, and deeply feels every sacrifice he makes. He believes that he holds the responsibility to bring about a future of equal opportunity for his fellow citizens. Every move he makes is carefully calculated, and he always remains soft-spoken and calm in even the most stressful situations.

Female, Late 20s to Mid 30s, fit, tall
Driven by health anxiety and a fear of death, Yvonne goes to extremes to preserve her own well-being. She stays out of physical conflict whenever possible, instead opting to let others to do the dirty work. She takes a very direct method to problem solving, often not considering collateral damage or smaller variables.
This role requires physical action, specifically fight choreography and light stunt work.

Male, Early 20s, mischievous han solo type
Handsome, charming, daring, good at everything – Harry is a classic intrepid adventurer, and he works hard to maintain that reputation. When he’s in a tight spot, he focuses on self-preservation, going as far as to sacrifice the well-being of others to protect his himself. He never plans more than one step ahead, and often finds himself in sticky situations as a result.
This role requires physical action, specifically fight choreography and light stunt work.

Female, Mid 20s to Mid 30s, one metal arm, cold hard terminator with a bit of Austin flair
A professional mercenary who believes that if she doesn’t take what she needs by force, it will be taken from her by someone who tried harder. She knows how to stay alive and how to live well, and intends to slowly make her way to the top until she can sit back and enjoy the pleasures of life with no consequences.
This role requires physical action, specifically fight choreography and light stunt work.

Male, Early to Mid 30s
Keith is very practical and uses his organizational skills to help further the causes he supports. He’s very dedicated to protocol and rules, especially ones he made up. Often playing the straight man to the chaos around him, he just wants to transition things from bad to good as smoothly as possible.

Male or Female, Early to Mid 30s
Extremely intelligent and fascinated by technology, Rose once found their ultimate calling when they were hired to reverse-engineer a high-tech ancient artifact. After years of reaching for greater purpose, they’ve become disillusioned with humanity and decided to escape society as soon as possible.

Male or Female, Late 20s to Mid 40s
Wealthy, out of touch, and condescending, the Bluebonnet officers control all aspects of travel in the five systems. They’re as close to gods as one can realistically become, and their only real goal is making sure it stays that way. They see everyone as beneath them, and often treat matters outside their personal interest casually and frivolously.

Male or Female, Any Age
A collection of disenfranchised working-class citizens turned militant activists. The Rampart agents have all been hand-picked by Shay to perform a variety of jobs for his cause, from infiltration to combat to data analysis.

Male or Female, 50 or Older
The leader of a small coastal community, this person single-handedly keeps their town from falling apart in the absence of any outside help. They want only to keep their town alive for the sake of the generations to come, and remain optimistic despite decades of weathering a literal never-ending storm.

Male or Female, Mid 40s or Older
The manager of the largest solar sail manufacturing plant in existence runs their facility and the surrounding town with brutal efficiency, acting more like a prison warden than a corporate administrator. They go overboard to quell the rebels of the town because they’re afraid of what may happen if they don’t.

Female, 50 or Older
A supplier of food and spices in a small village, this mischievous old woman likes to mess with travelers that pass through. This role requires some light to moderate physical action.

Male or Female, Any Age
Mercenaries, security guards, soldiers, pirates – the galaxy is filled with fighters, and they regularly cross paths with our heroes. We need people with fighting and stunt experience to fill out the groups of dangerous foes in various episodes.

Male or Female, Mid 20s to Mid 30s
A corporate salesperson who would come across as extremely sleazy if they weren’t so genuine. They’ll do anything to please their client until the sale is made, and have angry outbursts at anyone who interrupts.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Austin, TX
Please submit to: by 2018-06-11

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  1. Jacquelyn Williams

    I am really interested in taking a chance of being hired on. I have no prior acting experience but spend a lot of my free time reading scripts and monologues. I am easily adaptable, and would like an opportunity for an audition.


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