Auditions in Inland Empire, CA for Web Series The Vervainya Project

The Vervainya Project

Location: Los Angeles, Riverside, Moreno Valley

Type: Web series

“The Vervainya Project,” a scripted series. Synopsis: Due to financial hardships, the quiet town of Cravenwood is forced to make room for the mythical creatures of Vervainya. To try and make coexistence easier, an integration high school for humans and mythics has been established. But throwing teenagers, secrets, and drugs in the mix, it becomes a battle against time to either come together or fall apart.

Rehearsals begin Oct. 12; shoot dates November- April in the following weeks in Grand Terrace/ Riverside , CA area

Director: Rick Ramos
Producer: Lola Vonhessien, Brandi Hill
Casting Director: Lola/ Brandi

Auditions: These happen through video submissions Please email


[Alexander Winds] [MALE] [Age: 17-19]

The resident genius and techie; always very neutral; tries to keep the peace; the voice of reason; he won’t let anyone compromise his sister’s safety.

[Lucien Sterling] [MALE] [Age: 17- 19]

cocky and a tad bit arrogant, but nothing he can’t back; Lucien is the true Alpha Male.

[Bryan Pruitt] [MALE] [30-35]

the silent head of house, only wanting to protect his family leaves him seen as the bad guy.

?[Jack Montgomery] [MALE] [Age: 30-35]

Single father, who is protective, almost over protective, of his daughter Laurel. He is stern and seemingly unyielding, and not in favor of mythics.

?[Darrien Guard] [MALE] [Age: 30-35]

a man of action over chatter; he never says more than needs to be.

[Galeo Hara] [MALE] [Age: 17-22]

A sweet soul, who loves life and adventures just as much as the ladies.

**When Emailing send a headshot as well.**


[Mysty Devine] [FEMALE] [Age: 17-19]

may look and act like a complete ditz most times, but you have to wonder if there just might be more to her.

[Victoria VonCoffyn] [FEMALE] [Age: 30-35]

a stern and determined vampire queen, on a mission; games will not be tolerated.

?[Grace Versailles] [FEMALE] [Age: 30-35]

a no nonsense siren, who does not enjoy the human world very much.


[Trevor Terra] [MALE] [17-19]

Is a regular teen, who didn’t really want to come to Vervainya High, but his parents thought that it would diversify his learning experience. He stays to himself, or near the humans and tries not to make trouble…Very quite, everything he says is with purpose.

[DeMarco] [MALE] [Age: 17-19]

DeMarco is the resident snake and true bad boy. He will still your car, crash it , tell you he did it, and drop the keys at your feet, as you watch in despair. He is cruel to most any humans. Always the trouble maker, and shite starter, he doesn’t know when to quit.

[Sebastien S] [MALE] [Age: 17-19]

He is a quite boy, who enjoys observing the world around him… just waiting for a chance to strike.

Auditions: These happen through video submissions Please email

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Los Angeles, Riverside, Moreno Valley,
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