Auditions in Los Angeles for Indie Film “Hounds of the Western Gulf”

Hounds of the Western Gulf

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Type: Film

Hounds of the Western Gulf, SEG Cineland Productions.

‘The Town’ meets ‘Third World Cop’ . A group of backpacking friends decide to make a fortune robbing third world countries in Africa. When their escapades bring them to Ghana, a veteran cop vows to take them in by any means necessary.

Synopsis: Backpackers Troy, Inza, Marcus, Church and Gretchen have discovered the gold mine. Boost tourism, they call it. Taking advantage of relaxed and almost non existing law enforcement presence in certain countries, the group, each running away from their own personal demons, orchestrates and executes several boosts across Africa earning them notoriety and some sort of following and spawning copycats across the globe. When their tour brings the Hounds to Ghana, Inspector Koffie makes it his life’s mission to bring them to justice either in cuffs or body bags.

Characters needed:

Troy Caucasian 20 – 25
Somewhat of a nerdy/gamer type, surfer dude laid back type of attitude, yet rough around the edges. He is the master mind of everything.

Gretchen Caucasian 20 – 25

Think a mix between Salt and Laura Croft. The girlfriend of Troy, she is Street smart and savvy yet she can be a bit gullible and she is not very smart, education wise. Not a ditz, just not smart.

Inza African (Of African Decent) must have or have to ability to do an accent from Ghana!!

Athletic build, model height, very beautiful, highly intelligent. Must be able to perform light/moderate physical moves.

Church African American 20 – 25

Very classy, comes from an upstanding family, he is constantly well dressed, well versed can speak a couple of languages, but none of that smoothers away his thuggish side.

Markus African American, African, Latino, Caribbean

Built/very muscular somewhat of the comic relief

Majeed Sayibu, writer and director – Shani Lasana, Casting Director

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Los Angeles, CA
Please submit to: by 2018-07-09

This casting notice was posted by: Shani Lasana, Casting Director SEG Cineland

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