Auditions in the Washington DC Area for Indie Film


Open casting call in DC for Indie film project


The casting call is for an indie film in the DC/MD area.

Dynamic Destiny Enterprises & Productions, LLC

Needed for this film is:
1 Man 25-45
In great shape
For the role of a fiance to one of the lady characters
Over 6 ft tall
Well groomed with good hygiene
Willing to wear a suit and get close to a woman

2 Men 23+
In great shape
Able to dance
Willing to have off shirts in bachelorette scene

1 Man 25-40
In great shape
Must be willing to be without a shirt at some point
Should be able to dance
Will be playing a sinister bi-sexual that is aggressive toward one of the main characters

Note: there is no kissing, or sex scenes involves, just suggestive behavior.

This film is about four ministers kids that grow up with morals and values, but lose their way and end up reaching a crossroad and find their way back to the right path for their lives.

The message is good overall, but the character’s have to deal with different challenges throughout their life and story line, so it is a chance for someone to act out of their chacter and get some great experience.

Please send photos, reel’s, resume’s, or introduction videos to attention to Monique Lynelle Gray if you cannot make it. Please consider your travel if chosen.


Sat. May 5, 2018
3pm – 5pm
901 Newton St. NE
Washington, DC 20017

Must be able to get to the DC/MD area for filming.

Please email the production for the sides / script.

Please submit above requested material to

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