Casting Call for New Season of Iyanla Fix My Life


Have a life problem?


Do you, your family or someone you know need Iyanla’s help in fixing their life?

Iyanla Vanzant is now casting for season 6 of her inspirational show that airs on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Iyanla is an accomplished author and inspirational speaker who tries to help others improve their lives. She uses her past, in which she had to overcome obstacles and personal struggles to become stronger, in order to help others improve their futures.

Secrets are revealed, truths uncovered and emotions let out as Vanzant teaches people how to pull back the curtain on what isn’t working in their lives in order to fix those problems.

Does this sound like you or anyone you may know?

If so, the show’s casting team is now accepting submissions.

  • Husbands and wives in conflict
  • Infidelity
  • Sibling Issues
  • Momma’s boys
  • Secret children
  • Family member’s bad behavior
  • Why won’t you marry me
  • Adult child won’t leave your house
  • My parents won’t butt out of my life
  • Mothering challenges
  • Single dad problems
  • Step-parent conflict
  • Mother-in-law issues
  • Couples with financial issues
  • Spiritual abuse
  • Broken relationship with God

Apply online at or email with your story, contact info and some photos for more info.

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37 thoughts on “Casting Call for New Season of Iyanla Fix My Life

  1. Shameka Gray

    Hi this message is in my hopes and prayers that I reach The Oprah Winfrey Network so that my story reaches Iyanla Vanzants Fix my life help desk.
    I’m at 45 year old mother and wife of 3 lovely boys, 2 of whom are adults and one of them being my love child conceived before my current marriage.
    Life for me early on, I would say by age 8, my sister, brother and I, lost our mother in 1983. At the tender age of 30. My sister was 14, I was 8 and my brother was 3 months old. So from then I have encountered major losses of life love and heart ache. Which is where my story began. I found Iyanla and her books to be so influential and inspiring to my life and well being. As well as my other 2 most favorite celebrity black beautiful aspirations, the lovely Oprah Winfrey, and Tyler Perry. All three whom I adore, appreciate, respect and follow throughout my lifes journey. Without them and the good graces of God I would have perished.

  2. Leticia cheri Cisneros

    Hi Mrs. Ivalyna,

    My name is Leticia Cheri Cisneros. I watch your shows frequently, and I don’t know if you help families outside of the black community, but if you do I figured why not. I am one child of four. Right now, I feel my family is extremely broken. More fear than love. More hate and resentment. Almost no communication. And of there is, toxic. Very toxic. No understanding of one another. No graps of who we are. We all wear masks and live in fear to a degree. I am the black sheep and scape goat of the family. I feel I made a lot of mistakes but I don’t know how to have healthy and vulnerable relationships. I feel like a victim or the bad guy. I feel unseen, unheard, unloved, and bullied by my parents. My brothers whom occasionally pick up their behavior. I feel like a foreigner inside my house. Since 14 I have been running away from home. Stayed at friends, occasionally the streets, homeless shelters. I am 20 years old and feel so stressed. My skin is dulling and hair falling out. I can’t go outside without fear I’m going to be hurt or victimized or bullied. I feel worthless and unloved and like a complete failure and feel my family would be better off without me. My dad and I have the worst relationship. Mom and I have of very rocky too. I was very close to ending my own life, and my dads due to the fact I had so much pain and hate and confusion and anger inside Me. I’m know as the trouble child inside my family but little does anyone acknowledge my parents belittling behavior and bully behavior. I just came back from a domestic shelter for woman a few months ago. I was doing very good their and collapsed back here. I alone can’t change this family and I think we all really need help. So much trauma and baggage this family has that no one talks about or acknowledges. I want to move out with my uncle in Kanas, but in afraid that once I do my family will call me selfish for leaving. I don’t know if they want me here but I feel obligated to stay here and help mend the family. I think my parents are mentallly sick as well as myself and I’m afraid all my siblings are going to catch it too. I don’t know where to go or what to do. I isolate everyone because of my depression and anxiety and shame and insecurity. And because my mind tells me it’s not safe for me to be Here. That I have to deal with it all on my own because I don’t feel I can ask from help from family. When I do I feel it burdens them. I don’t want my siblings to take care of my emotional needs like I had to do for my parents. Please if you or someone else you know can help us please reach out. My families never really been close and I see you bring families aware and together and i feel we need that. I see other families and they are so close and have emotional intimacy and love for eachother even during dark times. My PTSD is so severe I don’t feel safe on earth and have prayed for my death many times. My self-esteem and boundaries are almost none existing. I feel like an empathy shell of who I used to be. I want to be happy and give love to me family without conditions and manipulation but I don’t know how to. This is all we have known. There is also a lot of secrets no one talks about that needs to come out. Lots of narcissistic tendencies that I have picked up. Very toxic thinking and paranoia in house. Feels unreal. I feel the least lover of the whole family and try hard not to resent my family but sometimes I truly do. I hate them a lot like I know they hate me. I feel like we all are seen as an extension to my parents ego. Not out own individual. We aren’t vulnerable of eachother and I don’t feel we respect each other or love each other because we don’t know what love really is. Sometimes in the house is so off and missing and I can’t remember the last time I felt love and at ease.last time I had my guard down. I am so drained and tired like we all are. My parents are Christian and pray and expect God to handle everything yet doesn’t take accountability for each other. All very in dream land I feel. My head and heart are very heavy. Please I don’t want my own children or family to feel like this the way I do. I don’t know how to talk about real things it makes everyone uncomfortable. I feel more than alone and I am convinced I am evil and stupid and worthless and a whore like my father said . I want to love myself but struggling I don’t know what’s truth or lies or what’s real or fantasy anymore I feel due yo my parents extreme gas lighting. Please if yourself can help or if you know someone that can help please. Thank you for taking you time to read this and consider helpin my family of 6.

  3. Maneesha Drumgoole

    Hi Iyanla,
    I am a new wife and mother. My fear is that the pathology that you mention in your book “Peace from Broken Pieces” continues. I seen certain fears of pathologies projected from me onto my daughter. She is 15 months and everyone tells me I should put her in modeling or some type of baby casting. I have heard this from family and strangers for the past 6 months. I did not pursue It because of fear. I too, used to want to rap and dance (I went to dance school for 14 years) but my mom said she wasn’t paying for me to go to college for dance and my dad continued to make broken promises about taking me to New York to showcase my craft (at least he acted like he believed in me). Nonetheless, I choose to play everything safe, I do not take chances… I am a recent HU graduate and I am now a Speech Language Pathologist. Funny how you mention pathology in your book quite often and I am a pathologist who can’t figure out how to become my own woman and begin to break the cycle and end or cure the pathology. Nonetheless, I am not writing for me. I am writing to be better for my 15 month old daughter. I do not want to push her into a television, modeling, acting or any career for that matter, if that’s not what she desires. However, I do want to expose her to different things and allow her to explore all extra curricular activities: volleyball, gymnastics, piano, dance, soccer, acting, piano, etc. I want her to become her own person. However, I often operate out of fear. I don’t want to project my fears on her but I find myself doing so. I am saying this because at least 10 strangers have told me she should be a baby model and 4 family members. I always laugh them off. I never act on it because I figured its their opinion and I am used to playing it safe. The issue is not exposing my daughter to the industry – the issues are my fears associated with doing so. My fears of failing – so I don’t even try. As you can imagine, I allow fear to stop me or make me hesitant from doing many things in life. In reality, I’m lost and I have so much self doubt and self-esteem issues. I said all this to say – this is bigger than the me. It is about me becoming a great mom but I must heal a fearful, anxious overthinker in me. This makes me unable to fully use my best judgement and make a sound decision. So despite the example about exposing my daughter to different activities and investing in her. I now know that I myself, need to invest in my mental health and heal the pathology within so that I can raise a daughter who does not have to heal from less pathologies.

    1. Kareem Yancey

      Ma’am I need you to help us, from the last year and half my family has been split down the middle all over the death of my father whom just passed in dec 2019, there’s been violence, bloodshed and a lot of things said that’s torn us apart. It’s 12 of us so you imagine what’s going on, war between the haves and have nots, real life. I wish I had the Time to tell you, we need you bad.

  4. Valentina

    My mother and her sisters been feuding for years and it’s time to end it. It’s affecting my mother’s daily life. I know she wants that relationship with her sisters. This is most needed healing please help my mother and her sisters. I would love a happy family that we never had. Jealousy , hate, trust, has a lot to do with it please help us all started way before I was born. Needs to be put to a end sisters need to be closer not enemies.

  5. Iyania , K

    Hi Iyanla , My Name is Iyania And I’m Having A lot Of Issues With My Mother. She Has Been In and out my life since I was 2 years old and I’m going to be 18 in 2 weeks. She has yet to communicate with me. I tried to talk to her and she told me I was a burden, she treated me any kind of way and up and left me. Please help me understand why my mother treats me this way.

  6. Barbara green

    Hello Iyanla, I really need your help and I have no one else to turn to so many people I gave my life to has turn there backs on me except one of my sons and I don’t think he can handle what’s going on with because I have always been the problem solver in his life. I will take it back when this all started. I was dating this young man in 1999 which I have known him years before because I worked as a caregiver for his grandmother and I will admit I must older than his is but we decided that we was going to be together depict our age difference. We lived together for 5 years and it wasn’t the best 5 years but we made it work. Then in 2004 he asked me to married I said no three times before I said yes because I feel he wasn’t ready yet he was still young and still wants to play games. So he asked me again and finally I said yes he rejoins the military he gets stationed to Texas and this is when all the hell begans. Once we gets there I found out so must about this man I had just married now I have moved me and my children to a place with no family and no friends all I have is God! This man cheated on me so must it was just unreal. Finally we got to place where we was going to Church he we was active in the Church and God started blessing us with every thing we thought we wanted. After he got out of the military decided to go overseas as a contractor and we purchased our first home that year in 2011. To shorten this story I thought everything was going well was I wrong. He meet this young lady over there married her had two kids with was sending other women rings and was still with me. And I had no ideal all this was going everything was going on in 2011 and I did find out about until 2012. And the ring he got one young lady he had me to pick it out saying he’s thinking about getting me a new ring he had me to search for our home doing all the paperwork for the because he gave me power of attorney to do so, and he also had me sending him pictures of the house so his new wife can come to his room to see them I was sending him care packages and he was cooking the food for his self and her I learned all this later on in the year. I finally had enough in 2018 I moved out the house but I did divorce in 2014 and we continue to live together because of the home we shared together. Here’s the problem I’m having trying to heal from years of mental abuse we was together for 20 years and I helped him build everything he was because he was living with his mother and I helped him be the man he is today but I can’t stop thinking about the things he did to me and why did he do it when I thought I was giving all of me to him . I’m so stressed because I walked away with nothing just so I can have some peace. And I want to get revenge on them both by call her air force base and letting them know she married him knowing that he was still married to me. But my heart won’t let me so I have been going thru mentally because my mind say do it and my heart for my enemy’s said not to because I’m a woman of God and I suppose to let him fight my battles. I need help getting my heart and mind on the same page if you can help I would be so grateful and I can move on from this nightmare. Love help me please!

  7. Jazmyn

    Not speaking to my mom ..a lot of family issues ..secrets 18 and not speaking to my mom or dad and scared

  8. Amena Menifield

    I’m from boring Canton Ohio, I’ll be 21 next month (Let’s just start with I’m a CANCER) My life has definitely been an interesting roller coasters. My grandma raised me, both my parents are a live however; my Father was in prison 14 years of my life & my Mother just never done her part as a mom. I have experience things in life which cause me to grow up faster and I would never wish upon anyone. I have a huge heart but I suffer from depression and anxiety really bad. I start college in August major in Social work & psychology. I can never solve my own problems. but somehow help others. I don’t have the best relationship with my family I always feel the world is against me days I wanna give up but my lord doesn’t allow me. I’ve tried to seek for help but never fully received it.

    1. Natasha Langlois

      Hi Amena, I’m Natasha. I live in Jacksonville, Fl. I would love to chat more with you on what has happened in your life because they are similar to mine. Maybe we can help one another.

  9. Nicky L Hines

    My name is Nicky Hines I’m the female with the panther on her neck tha recieves the most discrimination here in the State of Missouri. I use to be able to smile and encourage people Now I beaten I’m falsely accused of everything every job that I applied has fired me with false accusations…. I’m currently being forced out of my apartment of 6 years because the three
    white females in management don’t like me yet they refuse to give me my over payment and let me find a place without a wrongful eviction on my record…

    Every year just has this I’m paying city court for officer falsely accusing me of charges like man handling me at the hospital the day my mom passed that lied and said I resisted arrest when I went to the hospital in my own and was thrown against the wall by the office after I thought I was giving him compliment I am 40 years old and I am the most kind person in the world yet my son is too a shame to have me around my son has turned his back on me and went to live with those that are not of my skin color. What is going to be my breaking point if you can not fix my life is that the State of Missouri City Hall public administration office had my mother in their care for 14 years and mad it clear I wasn’t allow to bring her home and called police on me when I tried to take her out on family outings. Yet she died this past year of 5 large open bed sores and no Attorney will take my case the last one sent the thumb drive back three regular mail and its lost…. I hurt and and I don’t want to Express how I fell yet the kc police made it clear after spitting in my face after I called from being beat up by my Male cousin whom refuse to give me back my car keys…. that they shared my personal information to a officer who pulled up to the scene.

    I don’t know if I mention that my current apartment management does not like me this is to their own personal reasons in fact they had me served after I been here 6 years they are forcing me to go to court and try to file a falsely of eviction notice against me… they are withholding my deposit plus the 300 credit paid over time because I always pay $10 over the rent amount…Currently my situation isn’t and never been good in my favor yet I always uplifting someone I wish you’d really invite me onto your show I really need you I have always reached out to others only to not be called on to one yet to have my story or title used for someone else.

  10. Brayon

    Hello Ms. Lyanla, need your help with my family relationship.
    My name is Brayon and it’s hard for me to talk about what I’ve been through in my life.

    But here it go’s I am a 31-year-old woman and I’m broken inside it seem like I can’t get out of my pass me and my older sister was violated as young children by someone close to us. and it was swept under the rug by everyone by the family, as young girl it turned me dark inside. this is just one of the reasons why I’m writing you today, I have 7 other siblings involved and I only really know 2 of them I’ve tried to get to know them, but resistance is real, and I know why my mom decided to have children with a man who was or is mentally by law unstable who I felt like she knew he could not be there for her like she needed him to be. and in that she made a Choice to leave 3 of her kids with this man and his parents.

    Under his care I was again violated by a man I call dad. That hurt me a lot as a young woman growing up with no mom to talk to. It’s is a lot that I can’t talk about in this email, because it will take me a long time to put on paper. but it’s has affected me and my family in more ways than one the reason I’m coming to you is because just swept my parents got married again and I’m having these feelings of some things that have not been address I have pull myself away from my family I need you to help my fix that and what’s going on in this family Please the kids need closure it is so many thing we would like to say to our parents that would be taken out of context and I don’t want them to dislike or not love me at all please I would like to have a normal family relationship.

  11. Sherill D Claggett


  12. Darlene Mitchell

    Dear Iyanla, I am a single parent with two adults mental Ill children, and I need, and pray for your help addressing both there father’s, and wife’s, who say they don’t know how to deal with this journey I face alone. I’m burned out and ready to run away from home, just to have a me cleansing, both children have made it to college and during there 2nd, and the other’s first year of college came home with schizophrenia, and the other bipolar disorder, wow, what a journey and story I have to share with you and I’m ready to release it all in and under your guidance, Thank you in advance, praying for healing, AMEN AMEN AMEN

  13. facerlyn wheelr

    January 9th, 2019
    Dear Iylana,
    I am writing you this letter with the sincerest desperation for your intervention and direction in my life. I am a 44 year old, African American female, raised in a very detached and abusive family with an obvious chemical imbalance trait throughout the family. I grew up not knowing my father and watching nine other stepfathers abuse my mom and myself. I watched my mother fight with her mother and went over 16 years without seeing my grandmother. I developed depression and isolation symptoms as a teenager and began acting out of the lack of nurturing and expectations.
    I became a single mother at 18 and came out as a lesbian at 14 so you can only imagine the strife that came over my life. In and out of schools and therapist’s offices. I did my best to raise a well mannered young man as well as get myself through college amidst mental break after mental break, coupled with heartache and constant disappointment.
    I’m sure I suffer from PTSD with all the evictions and car repossessions and loss of relationships. I’ve tried very hard with no luck to repair the relationship between my mother and I and my younger siblings but I have come to the realization that this just isn’t practical to the picture I had in mind.
    I’ve been in several abusive relationships and have been the abused and abuser. I have had some very unhealthy relationship patterns and would love to see change and longevity in my love life. I currently am dating a woman I love with my entire being and know she feels equally the same about me. But we are BOTH so broken, suffering from depression and anxiety we have a very toxic and unhealthy pattern of love and communication. We have unrealistic expectations of each other and after four years we are struggling to find our spiritual center individually and together. I went to therapy and the therapist traumatized me in ways you would not believe. She went to therapy only to learn that it was a student therapist and once getting comfortable the lady had moved on. We are desperate for you Iylana please please please help.

  14. Keanna Dixon

    I grew up the other half of my fathers secret life, he had a wife and 4 other children. The children he had with his wife had no knowledge of me. I struggle most of my early childhood and teenage years battling my feeling and had angry issues resulting in leaving my mother to deal with these issues. My mother was my everything but, I often had outburst and episode where I was blame her. I was very angry that she wasn’t on my side and that she would allow him to come and go and most times he came around was In the middle of the night for her, if you know what I mean. He would not come around for months at a time and when he did he’s was able to punish me for me getting suspended from school and other things. Me and my brother put my mother through a lot and caused her a lot of stress. I think due to the things we put her through caused her to have high blood pressure which lead to her having a stroke and brain aneurysm. 2009 and I found my mother unconscious on the bathroom floor while getting ready for work. I had to sleep a certain way, fan on tv on 42 and the bathroom door open to where I had to see the light reflection from the bathroom and my mother knew that but, on this particular morning I woke up around 6:45 am and I notice the bathroom door was closed at the time my mother had custody of my niece and nephew and also their 2 sister so I thought let me wait maybe one of them were in the bathroom because I knew at that time my mother should have left for work already. I waited and no one came out so I got up and knocked on the door and I didn’t get a reply so I tried to open it but, it was locked. I busted the door in and found my mother on the floor between the toilet rest on the tub with vomit. I tried to wake her up but, she was in a deep sleep. I screamed for my nieces they came in screaming and crying. I called 911 . By the time I made it to the hospital I remember seeing all my aunts and grandmother coming hugging me. The doctor came out and took me and my brother in a room where my mother laid looking like she was sleep. He told us that she was in a coma… they ask us to pull the plug but, we wouldn’t she was in a coma for 6wks I prayed night and day that she would wake up but, when she did mine and the ones around us life changed for ever. She wasn’t herself. I couldn’t sleep I was lost I needed my mother back to who she was. I started taking Xanax to the point it got out of control and resulted in me being locked up and not my self for years! 2014 I went to jail for 6months and that’s when I decided enough was enough. 2015 I got pregnant with my son and I knew I had to choose accept that my mother would never be the same but grateful she was still her though not herself she had did most of everything they said she wouldn’t. She was breathing on her on talking and overcoming the odds. She was never to walk or care for herself but she was here! My grandmother aunts and I took care of her. Over the years we had many cares where she was rushed to the hospital for many different reasons. 2016 I had finally accepted that this was the way she was and I spent most of my time helping my grandmother take care of her and I loved seeing her interaction with my son though she wasn’t all the way there she loved her grandbabies! March 21 2017 I got the call that changed everything. My mother was gone! Out of no where after all the years of her fighting she had pasted. I had lived of hope for the past 8 years and now I didn’t know what to do. Over those years I completed lost myself and now I had to keep living no matter what for my son! This is as short as I could tell my story! It’s so much more that happened and that I’ve been battling but this was as short as I can sum it up! I’m still lost, and I’m left with so much guilt and anxiety. I still haven’t been able to fully grieve and I need your help!!!

  15. Laura Foster

    Hi I’m 27 years old. I have 2 kids. My whole childhood, I was a ward of the State of Alabama. My mother had a substance abuse problem. I learned as an adult that I have severe trust issues. Growing up, I developed an anger problem I can’t keep a relationship cause of my anger. I swept my past under the rug and never looked back and never realized how much it affects me today. I don’t know why I’m terrified to speak to my mother about the problems she caused. Growing up I went through identity crisis, I was placed in over 29 youth facilities in my life… I honestly want to let this all go. Please help me.

  16. Jasmine hayes

    Dear Iyanla, I am in desperate need of your help I’m 16 years old. I live in Arkansas for years and my family has been a big mess. My mom doesn’t get along with her siblings. I have 6 siblings of my own, growing up watching them I feel as if that’s how me and my siblings will turn out. We’ve been through hell and back. My mom and her sisters all have secrets that are hindering them from communicating or even being in the same room. My grandmother has put it all under the rug for years. I’d like your help fixing my family so that the next generations to come will follow by example.
    Please help us in creating healthy and better relationships with one another.

    Sincerely Jasmine

  17. Anjelica Brooks

    I’m in need for help and my kids to become a mother and woman.

  18. Anjelica Brooks

    Hi my name is Anjelica Brooks. I’m 29 and I need help with getting off drugs and help with getting my life right and being a mother to my kids I’m struggling with being a parent and daughter I have be struggling with my kids and daughter we all are so bad I’m not right with being a mother and daughters and and daughter and mother I’m not whole and I need help with getting my life right and persona and a better woman and daughter I need help

  19. Mattie Lee Aikens

    I am needing your help because I am a 39 year old African American female, a mother that was told she hates her, she never wants to see her again, she practically threw away a child that she raised. I need your help because my family is broken apart after a brother was murdered. My family never seen eye-to-eye, at this point, as a 39-year-old African American female, I am about to throw in the towel. I don’t know which way to turn and don’t know which way to look, my life is in hell and my soul is broken. I feel like I’m throwing away not only myself, how will the family rekindle all the pain that hurt. My mother doesn’t care about the love that she had for her child, all she sees are others and how much more can a 39 years old go through? I need you to help repair this life or the towel will be thrown in.

  20. Krys

    Please see if you can help Black Chyna’s and her mom Tokyo Toni. As you may me aware Toni is now homeless and Chyna’s in L.A in her own world. She no longer helps her mother

  21. Devon Banks

    I have been abused my whole life on top of having a severe illness. I need closer for all the traumas in my life.

  22. Sunshine Hopkins

    I’m concerned about my family that my nephew does not communicate with his parents due to a big argument that happened years ago! No one wants to apologize or ask for forgiveness. The father and son both think they’re right. No one wants to say I’m sorry. It breaks my heart that either one can be gone any day and the other will be left behind with regret. Please save our family!

  23. Tameka Terrell


    I’m seeking help to fix myself and my family. I’m struggling with abuse in my current relationship. Still not divorced and it seems as if I don’t have a family. My mother caters to only one of her kids majority of the time and the rest of us are left feeling unloved. However none of them are there for me and right now while I’m going thru the darkest times in my life with getting the divorce final and starting a relationship that is abusive physically and verbally and now I’m in a court battle of my children for accusations that are not true . I feel like I’m falling apart. I’m in a city alone with no friends and I’m too embarrassed to share with anyone my circumstances. The story runs deep and very emotional. So much to get off our chests and so much closure and new beginnings needed. I need your presence, your voice, your spirituality, your opinion, your therapy, your love. Please help me! Please help my family. Thanks so much for being an inspiration and a voice for ppl who needs to hear your word and messages who can’t get it anywhere else. God bless you and your team!??

  24. Brianna

    Hi. I wish this had a personnel email. I’m 22 years I have a 2yr old boy. I just moved here to Georgia about 6 months ago to meet my biological family everything has been going left way left and I’m just not understanding it all. I feel even more lost now then before. There is a lot more. Just not sure how safe this site is or if you would even get a chance to read this typing just this much gave me a bit of relief.

  25. Ashley Griffin

    I’m 27 years old and a mother of 3. Even though I’m not a single mother, I’am single. It’s ironic how I can keep a roof over my children’s head and give them things I never had. My children are very touchy feeling and growing up I never had love so it’s had to reciprocate it but somehow because it’s genuine I’m able to give it back. My mother and I haven’t had a real conversation since I was 16. And haven’t had a relationship since I can remember back to 5. I know she wouldn’t do the show but I know if she got a call from you she would. I have mommy issues although I never had my father in my life either I don’t know why. I have a lot of unanswered why questions. My sister has 2 boys and she’s clinically depressed. She has daddy issues. I accept a lot of things so that I won’t jump off the deep end. But I never cry. So afraid that if I cry than I’m making myself weak or maybe if I start I won’t finish. I don’t want my past to be exposed but I know that we cant get help if we don’t let the truth out. My sister and I don’t get along for more than 22 hours. I’ve counted. I don’t know our issues. We need someone from the outside to look in. Why didn’t my mother believe me when I told her her friend molested me and her boyfriend raped me even though they confessed out of gilt to her. My sister believed me. I’m scared to love or to be liked or to be just me. I only feel safe when I’m locked in a room with my 3 kids alone.

  26. Latia Gale

    Please help me, I’m struggling. I been through hell and still in unsure of how to get out I’m 30 now not blaming anyone but I’m stuck what I’ve been through my sister is putting my nephew through we came from not having no parents so I thought she would have done the opposite but she didn’t she’s embarrassing I feel so much pain for my nephew I’m like so numb I just want to put a gun in my mouth and pull the trigger my mother is a recovering addict but I know as though she never recovered I need help please my begging you. Help my family .

  27. Jacqueline Gordon

    Please help me and my family. My 37 year old daughter was held at knife point 3 days ago by her female partner of 7 years. Their relationship has been verbally and physically violent for almost the whole 7 years. Now she is in jail and facing time because it is her 3rd strike and my daughter is in contact with her and her family. She believes it is her fault. Everybody in the family is fearful of my daughter allowing her partner to stay and maybe even come back. My daughter has a restraining order against her that includes my 16 year old Grandson. My daughter does not want to talk to the family about it! We are sinking in emotional death. Please help us. My daughter has a 21 and a 16 year old who are watching her and a mother who is scared shitless…pardon my profanity

  28. Diamond Crockett

    My family doesn’t, know how to communicate all we do is yell and argue about little thing. On another thing somehow my mom don’t know how to save money for her life sadly. She gets into relationships and we become a ghost me and my two other siblings. I have another sibling who lives with her grandparents from her dad side because there’s no one to watch her but I have a brother who does nothing all day smoke weed he dropped out of school. And take the car out at night . PLEASE HELP ME AND THE FAMILY.

  29. Taneshia Underwood

    I’m in desperate need of your help. I don’t even know where to start, I don’t even know how I got to this point. I’ve been in and out of abusive relationships, I was told my father was not father at the age of 19… I currently felony for being in an abusive relationship, in the process I had to let my children stay with family members because I’m house hopping plus don’t have a steady income. I’m currently living in a motel room and don’t have a clue what’s next. I’m not working and do to depression and anxiety I often need a drink, some marijuana or maybe coke…. at times I’ll do all 3… I’m really tired and I just want my life back… Can you please help me…. I need you Mrs. Vanzant!!

  30. Davida

    I am an example of Broken people. It’s been generational. I desperately need to break this cycle. I have adult children that I see the same patterns in, its also affecting our relationships with each other. I sense strength & achievement from you. I’ve emailed my story & pray to hear from you.

  31. Angela T Lee

    I am trying to divorce my husband who has cheated on me with multiple women and drug addiction. We’ve been married close to 4 years and three of those years he’s been gone ripping and running the streets from wanted area of Maryland to another and while he’s out there running, I feel like my self-esteem has run away with him. I need help transitioning from married to being single and empty nest syndrome, please help.

  32. Anthony Boyd

    I would love to have a relationship with my children, all 4 of them are upset with me. I can’t ask for forgiveness any more. I must move on.


    To whom it may concern
    I am really needing your help. My marriage is in trouble. My husband is so jealous of my siblings and what they make. It is taking over our marriage. Every time I try and tell him my feelings he shuts down and I don’t know what to do. I need you help PLEASE!


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