Casting Deserving Families with Teens To Go On a Vacation of a Lifetime

Casting for a Major Network

Location: Nationwide

Type: Reality TV

Casting for a major broadcast network, Searching for families with teenagers!

Searching for families with teens who are looking to be the next best HOST!

If you have someone special you’d like to nominate who is deserving of a custom personalized vacation of a lifetime, we want to hear why! What’s the compelling story? In what ways are they selfless or deserving?

We are looking for:
• Someone who always put others before themselves…
• Someone who volunteers all their time to help those in need…
• Families who have been through something significant and rose above and want to celebrate, or celebrate a family milestone or anniversary…
• Entrepreneurial or exemplary teenagers who came up with an awesome invention or idea to help others…

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Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Nationwide
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  1. Aalyah P

    I am a teen Daughter, and I feel my Mom deserves this Vacation, she is always helping my Grandmother who has dementia and just turned 72, or helping my sister who has to kids who turn 11 and 12 in July, she is a single Mother of 3, she Never gets to have fun for herself. she is selling some of her stuff to get money for the rent for our apartment, she wants a house but can not afford it. I want to give my mom the Vacation of a Lifetime because I feel she so deserves it for all she has done for me, my two sisters, nieces, grandma, and the rest of my big family.

  2. Me

    I am working on my 2nd retirement at the age of 44. I am looking forward to owning my own house in less than 10 years. I have been a CNA for 16 years carrying for folks of all backgrounds of disabilities. I raised 6 kids of my own as a single mother in which now 5 are grown, finding their own way in life. I always kept 2 jobs or I worked and went to school to better myself for my kids. My family grew on a regular basis because there has always been someone that needed help raising their kids or my own family needed some type of help. I have 1 teenager son 15 years old left to raise. And he will be a great man, husband and Father.
    Thank you for letting me share it might be too late but it feels good just to say.

  3. Hope Borges

    My Mom turns 50 August 23rd this year and my grandmother her mom turns 70 May 1 st this year. My sister Camille turned 20 this year it was the year of the O so they called it.
    The all said we will do something great this year like go celebrate in Florida or in Germany where my mom was born. But life happens Camille got sick with the Gastric problem from August to 4/7/2018 money has become very short. We going back are seasonal jobs starting next weekend at Pennsylvania Ren Faire, where my mom play the fishmonger/ storyteller last five years and tiny fish to go to the king to be blessed. Which she supplies her self-last year hand out 12,000 fish. Fair from April until October, and off mom spends the last 20 some year homeschooling me, Autumn, and Camille. Volunteer at the YFC, Eastern Star, BARAK.INC, Hershey Area Playhouse and HAPAC last 20 year. So, I wish could do something to celebrate my mom 50th birthday, but just do not think to go to happen and this makes me very sad.

  4. Patricia Haughn

    My name is Patricia, I deserve a Vacation. I have two teens and they never get to do anything due to their Dad being on Disability. My children have never gotten a real Vacation ever. I make enough money just to pay the bills. My Father ( their Grandpa) just died September 16, 2017 and we just lost my husband due to a divorce and we lost everything even our Home. We had a beautiful home and the kids was so happy there but my Ex sold our home from us. We was Homeless for two months which was the hardest thing I ever went through. I miss my husband but he is living it up. He just went on Vacation to California and took most of the money on the house and I was suppose to get half but he only gave me $1,500 which is so gone now getting an Apt. In which we have never lived before. 2017 was so sad for me and my children. My daughter sleeps all the time due to depression because she had to start a new school.

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