Daytime Talk Show Casting Guests Who Need Financial Advice



Location: Los Angeles, CA

Type: Talk Show

Are money issues putting a strain on your marriage? Have you gotten yourself in so much debt you fear you can’t climb out? Are you a single mom that’s worried how they’re going to put their kids through college? Are you a couple that wants to learn how to save for retirement? Are you and your spouse experiencing financial challenges due to a loss of a job, change in career or an unexpected life event? We want to hear from YOU!

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City or Location of call: Los Angeles, CA
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One thought on “Daytime Talk Show Casting Guests Who Need Financial Advice

  1. Dison Harry

    I don’t have a sad story. I mean i do but it doesn’t have to do with financial issues. Actually it may not be considered sad to anyone else but to me it is sad because my financial issues are pretty terrible. I went to the hospital more times than the average person I’m sure and of course due to the “wonderful” country that we live in I was not able to afford insurance
    (still aren’t able to) I am currently drowning in loads of depth that I honestly don’t think I will ever recover from. My credit is, excuse my French, but absolute shit. I’m 23 years old! How the hell am I supposed to even start a life when my credit is below 500 and i have a great standing 4 dollars and some change in my bank account. But of course I have to be grateful for the job that I have with the City of Orlando, because they pay be a great standing pay of 425. That’s definitely going to keep me above water for sure. All my needs and bills can definitely be dealt with , with such wonderful pay. So Mr. Harvey I definitely need your help and I hope to The universe that you are willing to help me out.


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