Detroit Auditions for Acting Roles in Student Movie

Der Große Tag

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Type: Student Films

Shooting Starts: Mid February

The (somewhat) true story of a young couple’s comical experiences on their wedding day.


[ARNOLD][Main, Speaking][GENDER: Male][AGE: 20-25]
A good, charming guy, who faces his wedding day hung over.

[KARIN][Main, Speaking][GENDER: Female][AGE: 20-25]
A beautiful, loving woman, who faces her wedding day completely charmed.
Should be comfortable working with fire.

[LILO][Supporting, Speaking][GENDER: Female][AGE: 40-45]
Karin’s strict mother to Karin, who is more worried about appearances than her daughter’s happiness.

[TRUDI][Supporting, Speaking][GENDER: Female][AGE: 22-27]
Karin’s sassy but caring sister, who makes sure everything works out just right.

[ANNE][Supporting, Speaking][GENDER: Female][AGE: 37-42]
Arnold’s proud, loving mother, who looks out for everyone.

[PASTOR][Supporting, Speaking][GENDER: Male][AGE: 60-65]
A calm, reticent man, who stays true to his obligations toward the church, but doesn’t hesitates when asked for drastic measures.

[BERND][Supporting, Speaking][GENDER: Male][AGE: 21-26]
Arnold’s intellectual, sweet best man, who deals with his hung over.

[HANS][Supporting, Non-Speaking][GENDER: Male][AGE: 45-50]
Arnold’s reserved father, who communicates through actions, rather then words.

Also Needed:
Extras with speaking parts
Extras with non-speaking parts
A generally friendly but reserved Old Lady and neighbor to Lilo.
Ideally has a dog, trained to walk on the leash.

Payment: Non Paid
UNPAID, but you will receive a copy of the film, IMDB credit, and craft services.

City or Location of call: Detroit, Michigan
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