Detroit Auditions for Student Film Project “Boys Night”


Boys Night

Location: Detroit MI

Type: Student Films

Boys Night is a stoner comedy about a night in the life of three high school buddies, but this night is anything but regular for these boys.

Casting Call for Student Film Directed and Produced By: William Spencer
Casting Director: William Spencer Audition
Location: College for Creative Studies


Trace: Lead/Speaking. Mid- Late teens (or can play young), friendly personality, unofficial leader. He leads the other two boys throughout the night being the voice of reason for a lot of it.

Billy: Lead/Speaking. Mid- Late teens (or can play young),total stoner flower child, religious parents. Always acting out attempting to be rebel bad boy despite his wholesome nature and upbringing. Just want to get high.

Braden: Lead/Speaking. Mid- Late teens (or can play young), Sheltered, follower, nervous. Very rich overprotective parents.

Billy’s Mom: Feature/Speaking. 40’s ,sweetest little women in the world. A little bit of a religious nut but harmless. She’s ignorant to any of the boys shenanigans.

Antonio: Supporting/Speaking. 20’s-30’s male, timid, nervous. Underling gangster. Has a stash that is owed to Derk

Derk: Supporting/Speaking. Between 25 and 35 male, stoic and angry, tough life. Right hand of gang boss. Viciously in need of the payment from Antonio.

Please see the following for more info: Casting-Call-For-Boys-Night1

February 12th at College for Creative Studies Ford Campus Walter B Ford Building room 303

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Detroit MI
Please submit to: by 2018-02-12

This casting notice was posted by: William Spencer

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