Has A Stylist Ruined Your Hair? Reality Show Casting L.A. Ladies in Need of Hair Help


Women with Hair Horror Stories!

Location: Los Angeles Only

Type: Reality TV

Ladies of Los Angeles…

Have you had your hair ruined by your stylist (or anyone else)? Are you walking around in a hat waiting for your botched hair issue to somehow disappear?

We are looking for women that have experienced a bad hair episode and would love to have our Celebrity Hair Stylist show them just how amazing their hair can look when styled by a pro!

Here’s the Catch: The “crime” has to have occurred relatively recently and the damage still has to be visually evident so that our stylist can see exactly what was done. On this show, timing is everything.

Please include a note about what kind of style you wanted, what went wrong and when the incident occurred. Please send additional photos of your bad hair to: Cevin at pitmancasting dot com

I look forward to getting your submission.


Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles Only
Please submit to: cevin@pitmancasting.com

This casting notice was posted by: Cevin Middleton

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