Indie Movie Auditions in Kansas City, Missouri

From Friendship to a Fang-tastic Weekend

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

Type: Film

Roles for LGBT short film

Setting: High school (boarding school)
Bliss Hawthorne- Sweet girl, quite femme, wears dresses and pink/purple/yellow. Loves flowers and dogs. Love interest to Lilly. (Ages 13-15)
Lilly Smith- Pretends she’s edgy but is truly sweet, mature, Shakespeare nerd, wears black/green/navy. Loves morbid stuff and cats. Love interest to Bliss. Familiar with Polish. (13-15)
Callie Hawthorne- Bliss’s little sister. Annoying but genuine. (9-11)
Taylor Sanchez- Starbucks barista. Kind of basic and stupid. Loves dogs and coffee. (15-16)
Franklin Boise- Literal murderer. Seems sweet but is demonic. (13-15)
Dead body- Not shown. Needed for sound effects. Willing to fall to the floor. (12-15)
Extras- Covered in fake blood for final scene. 10-ish people needed. (11-17)

Email a headshot and resume to

Once all roles are cast, decisions are final. Approximately one week of filming on our location. Time to memorize lines will be decided upon casting.
Mostly interested in people from the Waldo or Red Bridge areas. Others are welcome as well.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Kansas City, Missouri
Please submit to:

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  1. Ashonte Ferguson

    I would really like to audition for this movie as it sounds like a very interesting movie. I am 15 years old and would not mind what part I got.

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