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Location: Los Angeles CA

Type: Other Projects

I am casting for a trailer that will be part of a series pitch.

James Montgomery is an avid space enthusiast, inspired by his mother who works for NASA. Determined to be an astronaut he always did his best in everything, despite his dyslexia setting him back and earning him bullies for being “slow”. He’s been cheerful despite the situation, but now entering his last year of Jr. High things take a turn for the worse and James starts to genuinely question his purpose in life. As he’s returning home from an awful day at school, covered in bruises and dirt, he wishes that his favorite superhero would come save him. Instead he finds Ye-kim (Mars), a powerful, but clueless and slightly clumsy, alien that’s been in a coma in his mother’s lab for four years. Suddenly James finds himself tangled in a world of mystery, revenge, love, and war that ultimately sends him on his journey to awaken his own power and become the hero he wished for.


James Montgomerey:
(12-16) African American Male
He’s a nerdy eighth grader that suffers from dyslexia, but never let it get him down. He works hard at everything to make up for his weaknesses and is always ready to help someone out, until the bullying becomes more than he can handle. He becomes depressed and antisocial, sticking to his video games and comic books. He starts to lose his way and wonders why he’s even trying so hard. After Ye-kim appears he rediscovers his love for outer space and faith in superheroes. He tries to convince her to use her powers to help others like a superhero would, but instead she challenges him to become a hero himself.

Elaine Montgomery:
(40-50s) African American female
Intelligent as she is beautiful, Elaine is a leading scientist at NASA that has been put in charge of a new lab division dedicated to studying the sleeping alien life that crashed into their planet. She is a strong woman that loves her family, but is also a bit married to her work and misses out on some things in her sons’ lives. After she finds out about James befriending Ye-kim she starts to come around and ultimately builds a better relationship with her family and the alien.

Troy Montgomery:
(16-18) African American male
James’ caring older brother that has always been there for him. Troy is everything a prince charming should be, handsome, charismatic, kind, friendly, and a true gentleman. Everyone wants to be his friend so he’s constantly out and around town with people, but still tries to talk to his little brother.

Malcolm Montgomery:
(40-50s) African American Male
James and Troy’s father. He’s a very busy journalist that writes novels on the side, so when he’s home he’s still working most of the time. When he isn’t working he does his best to be a good father and look out for his sons.

Eric Larson:
(20-30s) Caucasian male (Long blonde/red hair, very freckled)
The moody, spoiled, rich brat that paid his way into the alien study. He’s the son of a wealthy business owner that builds some of the world’s finest watches for men and tends to use his money to his advantage. He’s a talented musician and a real hot shot…in other words he’s better than everyone else and constantly reminds them of that. All of the women think he’s beautiful and try to win him over, but he’s such a pill they all end up backing off. He has a peculiar obsession with the alien (Ye-kim) and meeting it once it wakes up. His excuse is that it’s something on his bucket list that he’s trying to accomplish before he dies. (Experience with the violin is preferred but not necessary)

Janet Garcia:
(20-30s) Hispanic female
The somewhat shy member of the alien study responsible for finding Ye-kim. She’s a 7 degree prodigy that skipped high school, making her the youngest of the group but the most knowledgeable. She’s also a book worm, every break she has she’s reading something new, and a total nerd. Once out of her shell she is incredibly spunky, witty, adventuresome, and nothing short of the sweetest person you’ve ever met. She later becomes a close friend to Ye-kim.

Santiago Cisneros:
(30s) Hispanic Male
The wise crack in the alien study. He’s friends with everyone, but also enemies with everyone since he’s a bit of a prankster and no one is safe from his practical jokes, he’s also a bit of a nerd and can be a little melodramatic. He holds the most seniority in the group (aside from Elaine) and comes off as an older brother in difficult times. Despite his joking nature he is a very kind person and always tries to do what’s best for everyone.

(20-30s) Asian female
The quirky biologist babe of the alien study. She’s beautiful, and fully aware. She’s determined to catch Eric Larson’s attention despite his awful attitude. She tries hard to be impressive, but is shot down every time which starts to make her question herself a little. Ultimately she’s a nice person and a crucial member of the team.

Christopher Martin:
(25-40) Caucasian male
Dr. Martin’s charismatic son. He’s charming and nice to everyone (except Eric) which crowns him the lab favorite. He’s a kind soul that tries to look out for everyone and be a good friend. He doesn’t completely agree with his father on everything, though Dr. Martin would like him to. They sometimes get into heated discussions especially involving the morality behind some of the experiments Dr. Martin wishes to run. In the end they go their separate ways.

Dr. Martin:
(50-60s) Caucasian male
The sharp, no nonsense director of the lab assigned by officials from Area 51. He isn’t the most pleasant person to be around and is determined to get results no matter what the cost.

Not all characters will be needed for the trailer but if all goes well I would like to be filming the pilot episode early 2019.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles CA
Please submit to: emve.wick@yahoo.com by 2018-07-21

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