Movie Role Auditions in Michigan for “Poor Innocence”


Poor Innocence (Movie)

Location: Detroit

Type: Film

No experience is required, although theater work, movies, plays, etc is a plus. If you’re looking to get your foot in the movie industry then please read the following.

Filming will be in:
Armada, Michigan.
Dearborn, Michigan.
Detroit, Michigan.
Allen Park, Michigan.

Following roles need to be filled for the upcoming movie “Poor Innocence”:

NOLAN- Supportive Actor.
12-14 years old. Or can look that age.
Height above 4’10”.
He is the only friend of Charlotte’s (Lead Role). She battles mental illness, lives in a poverty stricken home, with abusive family members as a 12 year old with no friends. Charlotte meets Nolan in a park and they begin a friendship. Nolan helps Charlotte through her break downs, but also share happy moments.

MARGO- Mother of Charlotte.
30-40 years old. Or can look that age.
Margo’s character is a strong one. She’s lazy, loud, and abusive towards Charlotte. Treats Charlotte like she’s an inconvenience.

KOLEEN- Older sister of Charlotte.
20-25 years old. Or can look that age.
Koleen is a lot like her mother, Margo. They are almost always together. And together, they pick on Charlotte. Koleen has a strong voice, bad attitude, abusive, and is a high school dropout.

THEODORE- Younger brother of Charlotte and Koleen.
8-10 years old. Or can look that age.
Theo is just as quiet as Charlotte. He keeps to himself and stays out of the arguments while playing with his toys.

RIVER- Friend of Nolan. Male. 12-14 years old.
LACHLAN- Friend of Nolan. Male. 12-14 years old.
FELIX- Friend of Nolan. Male. 12-14 years old.
CHASE- Friend of Nolan. Male. 12-14 years old.

JORDAN- Friend of Nolan. Female. 12-14 years old.
SAVANNAH- Friend of Nolan. Female. 12-14 years old.

Need Extras for the film in all ages and gender.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Detroit
Please submit to: by 2018-11-16

This casting notice was posted by: Serina Krawczyk (Movie Director & Writer), Serina Productions Film Company.

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4 thoughts on “Movie Role Auditions in Michigan for “Poor Innocence”

  1. Kaylynn Mayhew

    Hi, my name is Kaylynn Mayhew and I would like to audition for Savannah. I have done over 40 plays and musicals and I have been the lead/ one of the leads in all of them (hard to believe, but true). I am looking to move on to movies and television and I think this could be a really great start for me.
    – Kaylynn Mayhew
    Age: 14
    Height: 4’10”
    Weight: 84 lbs
    Hair: dirty blond
    Eyes: deep brown
    Race: Caucasian

  2. Priscilla Gomes

    Hi my names Priscilla and I would like to try out for Jordan. I’ve always had in interest in acting and musical arts but I’ve only really auditioned for rolls in previous schools plays. I’m putting in this application because I would like to try something new and acting is something that I really love doing.
    – Priscilla
    Age: 14
    Height: 5 feet and 3 inches
    Weight: 106lbs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Dark brown

  3. Jennifer stock

    Hello I’m a 23, almost 24 years old, from Lapeer Michigan. I am very interested in playing Koleen.


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