MTV Casting Groups of Friends for New Show To Travel To Greece


A new MTV Reality show is now casting tight groups of friends nationwide.

Are you part of a crazy, outgoing group of friends?  Does your group rock the hospitality industry and have the charisma to take on a reality show?

If yes, MTV’s casting team would love to hear all about your group.  The show is currently casting hard-working groups of hospitality workers to take on a nightclub in Greece!  If you can handle nightclubs, restaurants, bars and hotels in the United States, you may be up for the challenge of doing your job in Greece.

The show is casting servers, hosts, bartenders, DJ’s, promoters and other hospitality pros to go on an international challenge and rock the house in another hemisphere.  That would be Greece!  While you do not need to be Greek to be considered for the roles, the show would love to hear from Greek Americans in the US that would like to be cast and think they can represent Greek Americans overseas.  Again, you do not need to be Greek to apply, you just need to be in hospitality and appear to be a young adult between the ages of 21 and 28 and… have a valid US passport since those cast for the show will travel to Greece for filming.

MTV is looking for the hottest, craziest, hardest-working group of friends on the planet!

We are scouring the country for groups of super-charismatic friends who work in the hospitality business to run the show and rock the house in a brand new, high-profile nightclub in Greece!

You know who you are – your work IS your play – and mixing business with balling is all in a night’s work. Whether you are hosts, servers, bartenders, DJ’s, promoters or maybe just one of the ‘extras’ in their crew, you could be in for The Summer of a Lifetime on the most exclusive, sexy place in the hemisphere.

Greeks strongly encouraged to apply!

Applicants should appear to be 21-28 years old and have a valid US or EU passport

Be sure to also check out all the other reality show auditions going on now.

See the flyer below for all the details about getting on this MTV show.


2 thoughts on “MTV Casting Groups of Friends for New Show To Travel To Greece

  1. Raul Duran

    I’m a 21 year old from New Mexico. My friends and I have been best friends since we were in head start and we definitely know how to party hard since we were known as “the partiers” in high school. It wasn’t a party unless we were there and we get along with everyone and have a great time every time we’re together. The only thing is our group goes to different colleges, some go to New Mexico State university and the other go to The University Of New Mexico but when they play each other for football it is a crazy ass weekend and we throw the best party’s so if you want a group of friends that can drink, make friends everywhere and are still hard workers we are the group of friends you are looking for.

  2. Brianna Jancuska

    hello MTV. My friends and I attended school in new Orleans (so we know how to party and party hard). The majority of us have graduated and are in the process of searching for 9 to 5 jobs (barf) Therefore, a lot of us are working industry jobs for the summer. Plus we are a group of very attractive girls, if i must say so. You should cast us if not you are missing out on the greatest television opportunity of all time. We poop in streets, kick trashcans, and honestly i don’t remember but they all tell me it was epic the next morning.


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