Multiple Open Roles in “Alura” Filming in Atlanta, GA



Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Type: Film

Alura – In a world of emerging superheroes, Alura wants to be one of the first female superheroes in her city. After working hard to become a hero she is told that she can’t do it because of her body type. Alura must decided if you she wants to accept being told she cannot be a hero or choose to be a hero anyway.


Alura – (18 to 25, Female, Open to all Races) – Alura is a good natured person who has always wanted to help others out. Her goal since she was a child was to become a superhero. After training for years she is told that she could not become a hero because of her body type. (For this role, we’re looking to someone with more of a curvy body type.)

The Judge ( Late 20s to Late 30s, Male or Female, Open to all races) The judge is the person who decides that Alura is not the right body type to be a hero. The judge is a failed superhero that believes that, “if I can’t do it, than I can at least judge the new heroes”

Charlotte – (Late 20s to Mid 30s, Female, Open to all Races) – Charlotte is the older sister to Alura. She is very supportive of her younger sister. Alura considers her to be one of the greatest heroes of all time. Charlotte is the first female police officer that has powers to be allowed on the police team.

Blair– (18 to 25, Female, Open to all Races) – Blair would be considered to be the perfect hero type. She is in perfect shape and give the off an A-list superhero presence. Unlike Alura she never had to desire something, she was given everything she ever wanted.

If you’re interested in being a part of this project please send your headshot, full body shot, and resume to If you have a video reel please attach it to the email as well. Please use the subject line “ATLHero (Role you’re auditioning for)

Submissions that are not sent to this email or without the correct subject line will not be considered.
If you have any question please send them to

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta, Georgia
Please submit to: by 2018-07-21

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