Nationwide Casting Call For Couples in Love



Type: Reality TV

Crybaby Media in NYC is working on an exciting new TV project about couples who have mad love for each other.

On TV we see lots of couples break up and get divorced.

This project is the opposite! With this project we want to celebrate passionate couples who are ‘obsessed’ with each other (share social media pages, dress alike, sleep in a twin-sized bed to be closer together, etc).

Do you and your spouse fit the bill? If so, please email us back and tell us why and let’s set up a call/video skype. Curious how your friends and family think of this extreme love. Any links or photos would be appreciated. If you don’t fit, feel free to share.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: NATIONWIDE
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  1. Tara

    We come off as a rude couple, but very chill once u really get to know us. He is alot older than I am but age, which might be a problem to a lot, is not a problem to us. we act just alike, and where we don’t we compliment each other. M. We’ve been together for 7 strong yrs. Must be doing something right ?

  2. Anastasia

    Good afternoon!
    We would be extremely happy to participate with my husband in this show. Just recently we got married. And this kind of pastime helped us a lot. We are super funny and open. We hope for a response.THANKS IN ADVANCE

  3. Stephanie N Furr

    People either get annoyed or fall in love with our love. We would love to share. Our goal is to change the world with our love. please take a look <3

  4. Susan Holt

    My boyfriend/husband, Ron and I…. So much in love for 3 plus years. Our love is special and romantic. We will always be in love with each other.

  5. Brandon Lee

    Our love is unique. Regular people making the word love come true in my honest opinion. We do everything for each other with each other even with the 10,000 miles distance apart. We would be happy to share out story.

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