Actor Auditions in Chicago for Lead Roles in “Standing Mute” Futuristic Short Movie


Standing Mute

Location: Chicago Illinois

Type: Film

“Standing Mute” is a futuristic action-adventure short film based on the first chapter of the titular novel. Synopsis: Rowena, a young scientist, comes to the rescue of a grievously wounded man, only to discover that he is the boy who had affected her life profoundly while in secondary school. Tazarin is a half-Mutant, a genetic aberration who has endured the contempt of both Standard Humans and Mutants throughout his life. They soon meet up with another former student, Harris, now a doctor, who shares an antagonistic past with both of them. The three form an uneasy alliance as they uncover a far-reaching conspiracy involving the existence of Mutants.

This short film offers pay per day of shooting at non-union rates. We are requesting Chicago-area actors, since we are not budgeted for cross-country travel reimbursement.

Four roles are being cast:

Rowena (Lead): Female, 25-32yo
Attributes: Courageous, with her inner vulnerability masked by humor and a sharp and sardonic view of the world; can swear profusely when provoked. The character is half-Japanese, half-European, and must perform several medium-distance sprints among other actions, so we are looking for actors that are mixed-race Asian in appearance with solid physicality.

Taz (Lead): Male, 28-35yo
Attributes: the lead male in the novel, he is a character who has withstood racial prejudice his entire life and has developed a fierce sense of justice; however, he has a physically inactive role in the short film. Actor must be able to tolerate extensive makeup (but minimal prosthetics) and wig; must also be comfortable with large (leashed) canine in vicinity.
The character’s ethnicity is half-Chinese, half-North African, so we are looking for actors who are Asian or North African or Middle Eastern or mixed race encompassing at least one of those ethnicities.

Harris (Supporting): Male, 28-34yo
Attributes: he is an enigma, a man who appears to be just a shallow, good-looking rich kid but hides vulnerability beneath the elitist façade, and guilt for his past deeds while in secondary school. He is blond-haired and blue-eyed, a typical “golden boy” from secondary school who went on to personal success. In this first short film, the character may or may not appear but is needed for image for film and novel cover art.

Truck Driver (Day Player): Male, 35-67yo
Attributes: Driver of a pickup truck, a luxury in the gas-rationing world, he is a city worker who comes to Rowena’s aid as she is attempting to transport Taz by horse-drawn wagon. He seems helpful at first yet soon reveals his vicious racism against Mutants.
Any ethnicity, but role calls for acting like a racist (real world racial slurs are not used by the character).

All actors must be available for the film shoot, from Thursday afternoon, Nov 14 to Sunday Nov 17 late evening. Housing accommodations will be provided for those who need it, and meals are either provided by Production or by cash allowance.

Note: Must be able to get to far south suburbs of Chicago by own means (South Shore, Metra), but will have rest of location travel provided by Production.

We are requesting head shots and resumes. Please note your availability in cover letter. Video is appreciated but not mandatory. Actors may use sides during audition. In-person callback auditions will be held on October 19, (Saturday), possibly Oct 26 if needed. During production, actors must be comfortable with proximity to a domesticated wolf (leashed), horse, and medium-sized dog.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Chicago Illinois
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