Actor Auditions in Des Moines Iowa for Web Series “Squad Angel”


Squad Angel

Location: Des Moines

Type: Web series

Squad Angel – Non-union, Iowa
May – August scheduled filming dates.
Director and produced by Alan Barr

A young man is drawn into a world of darkness and magic after vampires make him into an orphan.
Synopsis: After Aaron Burke witnesses his family and friends being slain by vampires, he is taken in by a secret order of vampire hunters known as the Order of the Silver Sun. Together, Aaron and his new friends in the Order find themselves in a race against time to prevent the resurrection of an ancient vampire lord.

Please send Resume and Head shot and a 2:00 minet monologue and a link to your real (if Applicable) to
If you would just like to be considered for the Pilot, and are not interested in being part of an ongoing series, please say so.
Shooting Location: Des Moines, Iowa area

May 31 – June 2
– June 7 – 9 June 21 – 23 – June 28 – 29


  • Aaron Burke: Lead role. Caucasian. Male. Early 20s. Fit. Average height, build. Aaron is a serious young man back home from the army is thrown into a world of supernatural creatures when his family is murdered. Aaron is a very loyal and deeply caring person.
  • Brody: Supporting role. Male. Twenties to late thirties. About 6’ or taller. Muscular. Broad. Brody is the heavy weapons member of Squad Angel. He is big and tough, but with a soft heart. He also has a deep laugh and easygoing sense of humor.
    Sarah: Supporting role. Caucasian. Female. Early 20s. Petite. Sarah is Aaron’s girlfriend. She is shy and sweet. Her love language is touch and she is a very affectionate person. She’s also very determined,
  • Mr. Burke. Minor role. Caucasian. Male. Early 40s to early 60s.Mr. Burke is Aaron’s dad. He is serious and very much the stereotypical proud father figure.
  • Mrs. Burke. Minor role. Caucasian. Female. Early 40s to early 60s. Mrs. Burke is Aaron’s mother. She has lots of energy and is very motherly.
  • Brad. Supporting role. Caucasian. Male. early 20s. Fit. Tall. Brad is Aaron’s best friend. He is something of a jock, but the kind and loyal sort. He is a former member of the Ravenwood football team.
  • Sue: Supporting role. Caucasian. Female. Twenties to early thirties. Fit. Sue is member of Squad Angel, working in demolitions. She is very caring and empathetic, as well as very brave. She doesn’t hesitate to put herself in danger to protect others.
  • Zach: Supporting role. Caucasian. Male. Early twenties to early thirties. Thin. Wiry. Zach a tech support member of Squad Angel. He is super intelligent and creative. He is also very much the stereotypical nerd and is an expert on computers and science and is a novice mage.
  • Sgt Reinhart. Supporting role. Caucasian. Male. Early thirties to late forties. Muscular. Broad. Sgt. Reinhart is the leader of Squad Angel. He is very gruff and no nonsense on the surface, but cares deeply for his team and their safety. He is a werewolf and can at times have an anger management issues.
  • Kathy. Minor role.Female. 20s. Kathy is a friend of Sarah’s. She tends to be judgmental, arrogant and very shallow.
  • Beth. Minor role. Female. 20s. Beth is a friend of Sarah’s. She is sweet but has a tendency to be overdramatic and easily frightened.
  • Tracy. Minor role. Female. 20s. Tracy is a shallow, superficial friend of Sarah’s.
  • Uncle Bob. Minor role. Male. Caucasian. Thirties to sixties. Uncle Bob is an unfriendly relative of the Burkes who thinks very highly of himself.
  • Otto Von Zwyfeld: Lead antagonist. Male. Caucasian. Early 20s. Thin. Tall. Fit. Otto Von Zwyfeld is a highly charismatic and clever vampire. He has near genius level intellect and is extremely cruel, enjoying taunting humans and causing them suffering.
  • Claudius: Supporting role. Male. Caucasian. Adult. Claudius is a vicious vampire who enjoys the thrill of hunting down human prey.
  • Crosby. Supporting role. Male. Adult. Crosby is a cold and emotionless vampire who lives for the thrill of the hunt.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Des Moines
Please submit to:

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