Actors in Chicago Area for Student Movie Project

Dead Man’s Hand

Location: Chicago, IL

Type: Student Films

Synopsis: A family is driven into deep debt with the cartel due to a messy addiction to gambling, the father, Eli, has developed. Hoyt, his eldest child, decides to volunteer for an underground “life or death” stakes poker game. He hopes to win to alleviate his family of his father’s accumulated debt. When arriving at the poker game, Hoyt discovers his father has entered as well. Stakes are even higher now because this family will lose a member. After getting to the final round, Eli chooses to sacrifice himself by folding a winning hand. Hoyt returns home as a changed man and takes on the role of head-of-the-household.

Hoyt – Quiet with a do-it-myself attitude. Naive and fiercely loyal to family, yet resentful of Eli. Maintains a deeply buried compassion.

Eli – Weak to his gambling addiction. Cowardly with a blind optimism to his luck. He loves his family but his good intentions are lost in his submissive behaviors.

Charles – A yes man with a short temper. He’s obedient to the patriarch in hopes to raise in ranks. Composed and power-hungry.

Anita – Little girl who’s growing into a young lady, she’s childish and slightly rebellious. Emanates innocence.

Patriarch – Sadistic and powerful. Eerily calm and collected with a highly professional demeanor.

Garcia – Nervous and fearful. Flightful to conflict and passive in response to aggression.

Bennie – Cool and collected. Sly with cheap ethics – in it to win it.

Auditions will be held at Columbia College Chicago September 21st, 24th, 28th, and October 1st. Sides will be provided to you at the audition. If you are interested in auditioning please email us with your availability and we will book a reservation for you. If you are not able to make the above dates, we are accepting video submissions. If that is something you would be interested in let us know via email and we will get in touch with you regarding instructions on how to properly submit.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Chicago, IL
Please submit to: by 2019-10-02

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