Are You Engaged And BFFs With Your Ex?


Nationwide casting call for people who are engaged or in a serious relationship that are still close to their ex.

Are You Engaged And Still Friends With Your EX? If so, an award winning production company wants to hear all about it.

A new show is casting nationwide.

If the above sounds like you, read on for the details.

A major TV network and award-winning production company are currently casting engaged couple’s where one or both members still have VERY CLOSE relationships with their ex-boyfriends or girlfriends. Selected candidates will be PAID and have the opportunity to star in a brand-new documentary series on a major network!

NOTE: If you are you not yet engaged BUT in a serious, long-term and committed relationship and meet our criteria, please still apply.

• Do you still spend time with your ex?? Talk, visit and have an active role in each other’s lives?
• Does having a friendship with a former lover ever cause conflict or controversy in your current romantic relationship?
• Is your life still connected with an ex in any way that is unique or non-traditional?

Sometimes love ebbs, flows and changes, and friendships form and last–if you are in a committed relationship and either of you have a strong connection with your EX, we want to hear from you!

Email: Name/Age/Location- Brief Bio why you are a good fit as well as recent photos of you, your partner and your ex.

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