Auditions in Baltimore, MD for Independent Short Film “Sea Monsters”


Production Title: Sea Monsters (7 pages)

Independent Short Film

Location: Baltimore, MD

Genre: Short – Absurd Comedy/Body horror – made with the intent of submitting to film festival’s “WTF” category

Shooting Dates: January 4th and 5th. Must be available for both days.

IMDB Credit: Eventually most likely

Non-Union, Non-paid

Character Descriptions

*This is a body-horror sex-comedy. There is no nudity, but there are sexual scenarios. All roles should be played dramatically.

Heather: 18 to 25, any ethnicity, happy to push her friend into crazy scenarios that she can live through vicariously

Sydney: 18 to 25, any ethnicity, Excited about the freedom provided by no longer living at home, not that she listened then anyway. Happy to be pushed into crazy scenarios by her friend, despite her feigned protests.

Kendrick: 18 to 25, any ethnicity, shy college guy, awkward, not a lot of friends, only because of his shyness. Receives the positive attention for being mysterious.

Sea Monsters Heather and Sydney gossip, comparing the tales they’ve heard about the size of what Kendrick wields. Giddy, they dare each other into testing the validity of these long tales, and invite Kendrick over for a romantic evening (while one hides under the bed purely for scientific data gathering.) Like the incredible Hulk, Kendrick transforms into a monster when his emotions peak, except with him, it is only one body part that transforms. The girls fear for their lives as Kendrick loses control and begins to destroy their room.

Submission: Headshot and resume. Actors will be asked to submit video auditions, followed by callback auditions. Reels given preference, but considering it is non-union/non-paid, we will accept video auditions for the first round.

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