Auditions in Dallas / Denton for Student Movie Roles

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Against All Odds

Location: Dallas/Denton, Texas

Type: Student Films

Award-winning DFW Actress/ UNT Undergraduate Media Arts student Vinzente’ Tayla Lowe is casting for her first short film “Against All Odds” In AAO, Rachel Milds struggles to break the cycle of being another statistic after years of being abused by her father, who ends up killing her mom. Rachel ends up following into the same footsteps as her mother and father all while praying and searching for a better way to live her life. Against all odds, what will Rachel do?

Auditions will be held Friday, March 29, 2019, from 1pm-5pm and Saturday, March 30, 2019, from 10am-5pm by appointment only! The shoot dates will be provided after casting and will take place in various locations in the DFW.

University of North Texas Denton
RTFP & Performing Arts building
Room 180i

Video submissions are being accepted, so let me know if you are not able to make it.
Note: The best place for parking is in front of the Student Union building in the Union Circle garage. Parking is free on the weekends. Please call 214-519-9098 if you need additional directions.

Copy of the final film, film credit, and food and drinks which will be provided during the shoot

Please send a short bio, headshot, and resume to with the role you are auditioning for in the subject line. Once we’ve received your submission, we’ll contact you if interested in setting up an audition. Sides will be sent at that time as well. Please note this is a fast casting!!!!

Character Description:

-Rachel Milds- (Lead) Age range 15-25 African American Female (Must be able to play a younger version of the character) Rachel Milds is the only child of Raymond and Julia Milds. Rachel is the good girl gone bad due to her circumstances in life. Rachel is angry with her life and how things are going with her family and is very resentful towards her dad. When the thing that she feared the most happens, Rachel is left in the world all alone to figure out that against all odds, she must break the cycle and overcome. As she struggles to find her way, she meets someone that changes her life forever.

-Raymond Milds- (Supporting) Age range 35-45 mixed race half Black/White/Hispanic/Latino Male
Rachels’ dad and Julias’ husband, Raymond is a stalky dude that used to work for this big-time oil company until the company went bankrupt and lost his job. Raymond seems to have lost his mind as well as smoking, drinking, doing drugs, and beating his wife and daughter. Raymond feels worthless and doesn’t see the value of life anymore.

-Julia Milds- (Supporting) Age range 35-45 African American Female
Rachels’ mom and Raymonds’ wife, Julia has always been a stay at home mom taking care of home, while her husband worked hard. Since Raymond lost his job, Julia has been working to pay the bills and keep a roof over her family’s head. Julia feels that things are partially her fault and feels bad for Raymond, which is why she tolerates him beating her, but not her baby Rachel. That’s where Julia draws the line with Raymond. Julia is very soft-spoken and has never been with another man beside Raymond.

-Rafael- (Supporting) Age range 16-18 Hispanic/Latino Male
Rafael is the little brother of the neighborhood drug dealers and goes to school with Rachel. He’s always running the streets with his brothers, but still finds the time to go to school and be the class clown. Very funny guy. Rafael has a slight crush on Rachel and tries to comfort her in a time of need.

-Chad Schovalski- (Supporting) Age range 25-27 White Male
Chad is Rachels’ tatted up, drug dealer boyfriend/baby daddy. Chad comes from a wealthy family. Chad met Rachel in a strip club. Chad is very jealous of Rachel trying to better herself and belittles her every chance he gets. He’s spoiled rotten by his parents and sells drugs for the hell of it. He doesn’t give a shit about their baby boy Milan. Chad is much like Rachels’ dad beating her up when he feels like it.

-Mrs. Naomi- (Supporting) Age range 35-45 Hispanic Female
Mrs. Naomi is the college advisor/counselor at Rachels’ school. Mrs. Naomi is very soulful and spiritual. She changes Rachels’ life forever with just a few words. Mrs. Naomi was once like Rachel.

-Audience Members- (Extra) Any age 18+, Any Ethnicity 25 + needed for one scene.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Dallas/Denton, Texas
Please submit to: by 2019-04-06

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