Auditions in Indianapolis, Indiana for TV Pilot “Life = Death”


Lies = Death

Location: Indianapolis Indianan

Type: TV Pilots

This casting call is for my new show lies=death I am looking for some talented young actress and actor and also some older adult to I Am looking for to. The actor and actress will be paid once channel is monetized.

We need lots of extras to you can submit yourself for that to: To submit yourself one of the roles just put in the subject which role you are submitting to if it and extra make sure you put extra in the subject line summit yourself at we need name and age and number two or three photos and a short video reading a monologue or it can be a link your YouTube channel.

This will be taking place around Indianapolis Indiana.

Main speaking part: 
Kinly- any race- age between 18-19 girl
Derk-any race- between 18-19 boy
Eric-any-race-between 18-19 boy

Other speaking parts:

boy-Paris any race- age between 20-25
Men or women Bodyguard any race- any age
Women Assistant/ Jackie any race any age

Women Secretary – any race any age
Women Alice- any race age 30-40
Boy Thomas any race age 18-19
Boy Kevin any race age 18-19
Boy or girl friend#1 any race age 18-19
Men Mr, acker any race age 35-45
Women Principal Adams any race age 35-45
Men Police chief any race age 35-45
Men Uncle Mike any race age 35-45

Women Derk mom any race age 35-45

Women Stacy any race age 35-45

Men Miguel any race age 35-45

Men or women Nurse any race age 35-45

Tammy-kinley mom F.BI any race- age between 30-40 years old

Arkila-perrell mom Police commissioner between 30-40 years old

Matthew-derk dad judge between 30-40 years old

John-Eric dad mayor between 30-40 years old

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Indianapolis Indianan
Please submit to: by 2020-01-04

This casting notice was posted by: uniquehouseperrell

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