Auditions in Ireland for Animated Musical Voice Actors

Jump! Official casting Call Open!

Location: Ireland

Type: Web Series


This is a musical, so you must be able to sing. Thank you.

Hello! My name is Milkytoast! And I adore art and Animation, so, here is the official jump casting call!

I have a few rule’s

1: have a good/okay microphone

2: be available at least twice a week

That’s it! Now onto the characters!

Main character

Cashew is a nervous but determined squirrel.
She is the older, adopted sister of Vanilla.

Her voice is normal pitched, but to voice her you must be able to do a shakey, stuttery voice.

Her lines: “Vanilla! Get down from there, your gonna get hurt!”. And “S-s-stay back, o-o-or else!”

Main character

Vanilla is a hyperactive and cheerful sugar glider. He is the adopted, younger brother of

His voice is high pitched-ish and always happy sounding. To voice him you must be able to do an annoying/cute laugh.

His lines are “You can’t catch me!”. And “Here goes everything!”*laughing*

Side villain

Kyle is a not-so-bright but well meaning fox.
His is the friend/lacky of Jessy.

His voice is normal pitched. To do his voice, you need to be able to sound confused, a lot.

His lines are “Um, Jessy, (whispering) I don’t think they can hear you.” And (terrified)”bad guys?!? Where?! Where?!”

Side villain

Jessy is a smart and sassy mongoose.
She is the “friend”/boss of Kyle.

Her voice is normal pitched, with a hint of a British accent.

Her lines are “Oh you fool, there talking about us!”. And “You aren’t getting any from us this time!”

Main villain
[IMG=RTC]Rotter is a cold and calculated creature. His companion is Beth.

His voice is deep and scratchy.

His lines are “When will you learn that the world doesn’t revolve around you.” And “You can fly, can’t you?”

Main villain
Beth is taken

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Ireland
Please submit to: by 1999-02-26

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