Auditions in Las Vegas for Independent Movie


A Guest for Dinner

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Type: Film

Auditions: 9/3/2019 will be by appointment only, will send you dialogue to memorize for the Audition.

A 8-10 min horror short with complex blocking, camera shots, and a moving set.

Ruth and her boyfriend are exploring an old forest known for lost stories for college. When a vicious storms hits, they get separated. Lost, injured, broken phone and a raging storm, Ruth finds shelter in a small cabin. Greeted by a lovely old lady who offers her some tea. But once the conversation sparks up about cannibalism, Ruth realizes she was never safe.

Director vision:
In every situation in life that turns out to be a difficult, scary, or intimidating, there is a brief moment when you realize the situation is not what you thought it was. I want to capitalize on this moment and extend it visually to the point of skin crawl, goosebumps, and a gasp from the audience. This will require very little physical action that would be standard in a horror short. However, this will require great emotional facial expressions, memorization of lines, memorization of blocking, and a great attitude.

Ruth is in her early 20’s, college student, loves history, exploring woods to find new and untold stories.

Old Woman:
Old woman has gotten the taste for human flesh. She loves the sweet taste, she loves the forbidden ecstasy, and she is dying for and will be using her elderly charms to get it.

What talent we are looking for:
Ruth: 18-25, any race, petite shape, must be 5’ 4 or less (for set purposes)
Old woman: 35-60, any race, must 5’6 or close to (for set purposes)
Both talent must be available for rehearsal shoot.

Shooting Late October, early November

Compensation: no payment, but there will be food, and you will receive slides of your performance for your own use.
Please email me your Headshot, resume to this email and we will set up an appointment.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Las Vegas, Nevada
Please submit to: by 2019-09-01

This casting notice was posted by: Dead Dream Productions, Jaron Olson(Director)

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