Auditions in San Antonio for “Don’t Hate” Christian Movie

“Don’t Hate” Christian Film

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Type: Film

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Callback Date TBD: will be in S.A.
Shoot Dates TBD: mid Aug

Shoot Location: S.A, TX (Local Hire)

Compensation: CREDIT, COPY & CLIP FOR DEMO. Meals provided

“Don’t Hate” Christian Film – San Antonio

Big Slim – Lead age 19 – 40 is a tall, African American male. He is reserved and has an urban background. Big Slim goes through a saving process from urban/street life to the church life. He also has a sense of humor at points during the film. He has his challenges, but overcomes the street life to go on to become a preacher and Gospel Hip Hop artist.

Big Slim (as a boy) age 8 – 12 – is a tall for his age, African American male.

Grandfather age 60 + any ethnicity. The grandfather is very important in the film. He is the one Big Slim stays with, and receives wisdom from. He can be described, as an older man, one who encourages and motivates.

Big P – age 19-40 – He is Big Slim’s best friend in the film. He is a big guy, Any Ethnicity. He has a sense of humor and loves to joke around. He also encourages Big Slim to make good choices in the film. He can be look 20-25 years old. He is somewhat of a player in the film. (Beginning scenes will need a younger person for this character)

Big P – (as a boy) age 8 – 12 – He is Big Slim’s best friend. Any Ethnicity. Loves to joke around.

Teddy: age 19-40 – Any ethnicity. another friend of Big Slim’s. He is street smart and loves to have fun. He is short. He has an outgoing personality.

Teddy: (as a boy) age 8 – 12, Any Ethnicity – Big Slim’s friend. He is street smart and loves to have fun. He is small for his age. He has an outgoing personality.

Tee: age range 25-45 – He is a coworker with Big Slim on his job. He is about 5 foot 10. He is very curious about Big Slim’s new walk in Christ. He has a sense of humor as well. He is a lazy coworker.

Greg 35- 55 He is a big guy that is a deacon in the church – Any Ethnicity: He stops by to encourage Big Slim. He is proud of Big Slim and encourages him to keep his dream and keep pursuing God. He’s a big guy that likes to eat food. He also can sing (please add note of experience in submission).

Grandmother: 60-80, African American. She is dying and on her sick bed, and inspires Big Slim with words of prophecy. She is an older woman in her sixties. She also is a Christian woman. She cries in the scene.

Mother: 45-55 Big Slim’s mother gets him to church as Big Slim’s conversion begins. She is African American and heavyset. The mother is a praying woman and a Christian. She is very happy when Big Slim calls her, and ask for a ride to church. She has been praying for him.

Cousin: age 25-45 – Any Ethnicity: He irritates Big Slim because he knows he is doing wrong in his scene. He desires for Big Slim to do better. He also is mad in the scene.

Dad: 40-55 He plays a very short role answering the phone when Big Slim’s grandmother dies. He gives the bad news to Slim, that his grandmother dies.

Mike: 40’s – He is the older brother of Big Slim. He is involved in the street life. He is bad influence. He acts like a tuff guy.

Robbers: 20-30 Any Ethnicity: (casting two) They set Big Slim up in the film. They are very deceitful in the scene. They are mean spirited in the robbery.

Minister: age 50- 65 any ethnicity – She is a woman minister who is preaching in the scene. She tells Big Slim to come up for prayer during the service. She is an older lady, … She is a fiery preacher. She ministers to Big Slim during the scene.

Elder: 45-65 male Any Ethnicity: Big Slim’s calls him on the phone for prayer. He ministers to Big Slim with passion on the phone.


Synopsis by Tony Hayes:

The guilt of our past can sometimes hold us back from pursuing a relationship with God. Don’t Hate Celebrate provides action and real life situations in how to overcome that guilt. Don’t Hate Celebrate is a film of redemption based on the parable from the prodigal son and Christ making a point to the elder brother not to hate on his brother’s return and redemption. Big Slim’s road to redemption is not with ease but God brings him victory; as he finds inspiration in the parable of the prodigal son. God celebrates his coming home in the film “Don’t Hate Celebrate”. He realizes that God desires us to celebrate people when they come to Him, rather than being judgmental and jealous like the elder brother in the parable. Don’t hate celebrate what God is doing through others, because he loves you too and has a plan for your life!

About the Writer: Pastor Tony Hayes (Big Slim) is from Greensboro, North Carolina. He is the pastor at Jabez Christian Center. He has a passion for winning souls. He is a soul winner serving in the community. He has been preaching and teaching the Gospel for over 16 years. Tony Hayes is also a graduate of Shaw University with a degree in Religion and Philosophy. He also is a proud MC, film writer, and author declaring the Gospel. He has written a book entitled “Don’t Hate Celebrate” and a stage play “The Apocalypse”. He continues to represent for Christ, inspiring others along the way. Big Slim is a soldier in the Army of the Lord. He also the owner of a new Record label called Anointed Records. Big Slim performs, writes, and produces Gospel music.
The type of music that he ministers is Gospel Hip Hop.

Producer: King Le’Roy, Founder/CEO of Gordon Pictures Entertainment and King Le’Roy Films. Director, Writer and Producer of the featured film Without A Father, (his first featured film) of which has impacted thousands of lives to the Glory of God. This film to date continues to be distributed worldwide. Thus the birth of GORDON PICTURES ENTERTAINMENT – The entire TEAM is very passionate about impacting lives for the Glory of God through Christian movies. After receiving the call to Impact Life’s WORLDWIDE through the production of Christ centered movie’s, King Le’Roy took on a serious mission to produce quality, Life ChangingFilms.

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