Casting Call for New Plastic Surgery Makeover Show “Revamp”

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  • Post last modified:05/23/2019

Ready for a Revamp?

Producers for a new makeover show are currently casting people who have facial or body issues that are affecting their lives and their confidence.

The show is casting both men and women in the United States.

Are you looking to make a physical change that needs medical help with a natural result?

Is there anything with your body that diet and exercise, alone, can’t seem to improve.

Has something been stopping your dream of getting a fresh and confident you?

If so, check out the casting call below for the details.


Has a skin issue or an issue with your body or facial features been affecting your day to day life and stopping you from being your most confident self?

If you’ve always wanted to seek medical help for these issues but lack the means and access or are afraid of unnatural results, we are here to help!

From high end beauty treatments to major surgeries, our top celebrity surgeons will make sure you achieve your dream aesthetic goals with natural looking results.

To be considered, apply at
Or email

Please include your name, location, contact information, a description of your aesthetic goals, and photos of skin condition/body part you wish to treat.


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  1. Jennifer Railsback

    I was born with a birth defect that resulted in many surgeries (14) to repair leaving me with huge scars across my abdomen and since this have had to have (9) more surgeries. I am currently having this last surgery in a few days to repair a large hernia and this will result in yet another disappointing and heart breaking scar across my abdomen. This is a huge confidence breaker for me and is not easy to look at on a daily basis I try to joke and say it is my road map to God. The scars Chris cross my whole tummy and being able to live without these scars would be a life changing event.

  2. Lynne Brewer

    I have been hoping for this moment for a long time. Where I live in Little Rock Arkansas, the medical field, looks at my situation as cosmetic surgery and I still have to deal with issues that are complicated. I hope that someone will reach out to me and finally I get some relief. Thank you so much for this chance to finally think I still have a chance at Life.

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