Casting Call for Nissan Leaf Owners Nationwide

By | April 16, 2019

NISSAN LEAF OWNERS WANTED CASTING COMMERCIAL CAMPAIGN FOR NISSAN LEAF! GREAT PAY- also offering a $300 referral reward if you refer us to a LEAF owner who gets cast!

We are searching NATIONWIDE for NISSAN LEAF OWNERS and a friend to star in a digital commercial campaign for the Nissan Leaf!

We’re looking for REAL Leaf owners AND a friend/family member/colleague who has never driven a leaf before for this opportunity. (preferable 1 male/1 female pairs but not mandatory)


Each PAIR will be test driving the brand new 2019 Nissan Leaf together. Both of you should have vibrant personalities and experience in front of the camera that translates into authentic reactions behind the wheel. Your relationship should be friendly and familiar – friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc.

We’re looking specifically for people who fit in one of the 4 categories below:

Both drivers should be outdoorsy, but a bit at odds each other on how they get to their weekend hike. The LEAF owner will be the sort who bought the LEAF to better coexist with their environment. Their non-LEAF driving friend may be a bit of a holdout who prefers the feel of gas-powered vehicles, even though they haven’t ever driven an EV.
Who they are: Late 20s to early 30s • Diverse and ideally male and female • Young professionals who feel like their work betters the world (e.g., a coder who develops apps that map trails, a director of a nonprofit that replants forests, etc.)

These drivers should embody the west coast’s laid back attitude alongside its can-do optimism. The LEAF driver may be an early adopter on their second EV who is thrilled about all the new tech. The non-LEAF driver may have considered buying an EV but hasn’t pulled the trigger because they aren’t sure which is the best for them.
Who they are: Mid 30s to early 40s • Diverse and ideally male and female • Relaxed yet capable professionals whose work grew from their passions (e.g., a surfboard designer, film producer, yoga instructor, etc.)

These drivers are driven. Between them there might be a bit of professional and personal competition. The LEAF driver will be proud of their tech-forward vehicle and how they beat their friend to the future. The non-LEAF driver has an open mind but won’t concede the point until they take a spin for themselves.
Who they are: Early 30s to mid 40s. Could be intergenerational, even mentor/ mentee • Diverse and ideally male and female • Driven to chart their own course in work and life • Loves living in the city and inspired by all it has to offer

These drivers have been strivers and now enjoy the fruits of their labor. While preferring the best of everything, they also look for value in all purchases. The LEAF owner may use the vehicle as their getting-around-town car, reserving their luxury car special occasions. The non-LEAF owner may feel an EV wouldn’t fit their standards or lifestyle, at least not without being convinced first.
Who they are: Late 40s to mid 50s. • Diverse and ideally male and female • A success in many areas. Could be thriving in their 3rd career. • Loves vacation, hobbies, and staying active

Pairs MUST consist of ONE REAL NISSAN LEAF OWNER and ONE PERSON WHO IS A FIRST TIME LEAF DRIVER. (preferably mal/female pairs but not mandatory)


Submission Deadline: Friday, April 19th, 2019 (but sooner is better!)
Shoot: Filming will be the week of May 6th-10th, 2019, in Los Angeles (all travel and accommodations will be covered)
PAY: $671.70 per person per day for a 1-2 day shoot,
PLUS $100.75 for each month of usage (1-3 month usage expected)]

Email ALL the information requested below to:
Be sure to include:
1. LEAF OWNER – Name (first and last), Age, City/State where you live, and Phone number
2. FIRST TIME LEAF DRIVER – Name (first and last), Age, City/State where you live, and Phone number
3. The relationship between the two of you (friends, family relation, co-worker, etc.)
4. Which category are you and why? Let us know your story!!!
5. Please include several pictures of each of you (jpg format please), and if possible, a short intro video (if you are doing a video please upload it to youtube, mark it “Unlisted” and copy and paste the link). I’d love a video if possible! : )
6. *All selected talent will be given a background check – please let me know if you have any red flags such as DUI, Felony, restraining order, etc.

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