Casting Call for Student Film in North Rockland, NY


Location: North Rockland, NY, Haverstraw

Type: Theater

*This is a student (non paid) play. The play will be on stage for a
theatre society showcase in front of a audience.* (WE ENCOURAGE ALL ETHNICITIES AND GENDERS. PERSONALITY IS KEY!)

Plot Summary:
In the small town of Rosenville, North California.
East of WoodsBoro, North California. 5 years after the most recent events of the”Woodsboro murders”.The brutal killings of two high school students take place. A teenage girl and her fellow schoolmates, are soon terrorized by an unknown killer in a ghostface mask. The rise in mystery leaves the town of Rosenville in fear. Rumors start to dwell, which leads each student to become the center of the attention. The student’s soon realize that the killers motives are being based off of the movie series “Stab”. Which leads them to believe someone is making the final movie to the series.

Characters Needed!

Mia Moore
Age range (16-19)
Mia Moore is a new student to Rosenville high. The most serious person in the room. True detective. She suspects everyone as a murderer, but yet doesn’t have a lead. Very intelligent, nosey, and courageous. A girl with a tough side. She questions anything and anyone.

Wesley Gein
Age range (16-19)
Wesley Gein is a Rosenville teenager. The president of the Rosenville high film society. A true genius for film and television. A bright, outspoken, and joyful teenager. He is not the most charming male in the room, but the funniest.

TJ Ramirez
Age range (16-19)
Tiana “TJ” Jennings is a Rosenville teenager. The Co president of the Rosenville high film society. True and aggressive liberal, and LGBTQ supporter. Alexandra is a lovable outcast, who is most likely the cause of some debate to begin. A very sympathetic but tough girl.

Ashlee Bowick
Age range (16-19)
Ashlee Bowick is a Rosenville teenager. The daughter of Peter Bowick. President of Bowick automobiles, In the town of Rosenville. One of the varsity volleyball captains and the honors society president. Ashlee is an overly confident, outspoken, and very beautiful young student. In her mind, anyone who isn’t is a varsity athlete or a part of the honors society should be below every other student.

William Edmund Cullen
Age range (16-19)
William Chase is a Rosenville teenager. Soon to be Rosenville high dropout. A charming and careless person. An emotionally aggressive young man. He is the cause of problems, within Rosenville high. Enforces a mental barrier upon himself.

Jackson Trettin
Age range (16-19)
Jackson Trettin is a Rosenville teenager. Star varsity captain and quarterback of the Rosenville high football team. Loves to stir the pot of trouble. An egotistical born to be athletic. Almost Charming, but his personality ruins it. A comedic outspoken moron.

Principal Nooch
Age range (20+) OR (Just need a teenager/ young adult with a mature figure)
Principal Steven Tyler Nooch or Mr. Nooch, is a the principal of Rosenville High school. An optimistic, caring, touchy feely adult. His students have a kind place in his heart, and wants to find the solution to the problem.

Ashlynn Price
Age range (16-19)
Ashlynn Price is a Rosenville Teenager. The shadow of Ashlee. One of the volleyball varsity captains. An honors society student, with beauty and attitude. A puppy to Ashlee. Truly disgusted by Jackson and his ways.

Ms. Goldbloom
Age range (20+) OR (Just need a teenager/ young adult with a mature figure)
Ms. Gold bloom is Mr. Nooch’s assistant. A very hesitant and loving woman. Tries to control the situation.

Officer Anderson
Age range (20+) OR (Just need a teenager/ young adult with a mature figure)
Deputy Anderson is one of the officers in the town of Rosenville. She wants to find and stop to the murderer in this case.

Officer Clarkston
Age range (20+) OR (Just need a teenager/ young adult with a mature figure)
The partner of Deputy Anderson. A clumsy officer.

Please Email to sing up for your audition. More information will be given to you. Thank you!! We welcome you

Sincerely “STAB” Staff

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: North Rockland, NY, Haverstraw
Please submit to: by 2019-03-30

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