Student film Casting call

By | November 15, 2011

Casting notice posted on, casting location: Minneapolis,mn
This is a student film with a very Low Budget. You will get free food,credit in the film and a copy of it when it’s done.

Three main Characters:

-Ty in his late 20’s, he is a journalist that hates life and is stuck in a loveless marriage.

-Kelly in her early 20’s, she is Ty’s Mistress and trying to help Katie(Ty’s wife) get what she really wants.

-Katie in her late 20’s, is married to Ty and having an affair with Kelly.

Ty is having an affair with Kelly. A nights conversation between the two of them tells us whats really going on and how things really are. Yet what Ty doesn’t know is that Kelly has some secrets of her own and her
intentions aren’t really what they seem. Kelly is having an affair with Katie, Ty’s wife and Ty has no idea. The really story comes out in the last scene. Katie wants Ty to leave her and to be with Kelly.

Auditions will be November 18th,2011 from 3pm-5pm.

Please email me with a headshot and I’ll let you know where the Auditions are.

Casting Location: Minneapolis,mn
Contact email:

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