Casting Indie Film Project in Minneapolis, MN

By | August 14, 2019

Minneapolis, MN

Non-Union, TV Pilot

Actors MUST send in a headshot or full body shot with audition

Auditions will be split into THREE parts.

1st- Video audition

2nd- In person Audition

3rd- Final Call back

IF Chosen for second audition you will receive an email with more details and benefits from this project.

Story plot: Drama series about a girl named Tina who is on the run from an obsessed lesbian whose name is Jay short for Jayden. Jay refuses to let her go or anyone else have her . Tina’s sister is taken by the Jay’s Family who just so happens to come from a powerful criminal background, so Tina agrees to stay with Jay to insure her sister’s safety. Tina finds out her sister has been shot trying to escape, so now Jay has no leverage to keep her. Tina comes up with a plan to get away from Jay. Tina falls in love with a guy (Chris), but things starts to going downhill when Jay finds her. Jay wants Tina back and threatens to kill everyone she loves if she doesn’t leave him for her. Plus Tina’s set to marry Chris and she’s carrying his baby.

Submit by Oct 15, 2019

Video Audition- Please state the following:

First Name, Last Name:



Something interesting about yourself:


(All types of African American races)

Chris (age 23-28) (height requirement above 5’6) (strong enough to lift a women of 160 lbs) Male Lead

audition line: “I know you made me promise not to get you pregnant, for whatever reason, I respect your privacy, and trust you’ll tell me one day, but Tina baby, I want a family someday… and I’m praying it’s with you”

James (age 23-28) Comedic Character Male

audition line: “Hold up Tina friend Candy still single? cause I heard (sings) she’s a super freak, super freak, she’s super freaky”

Trent (age 23-28) Male

audition line: “You think?… now anybody else I would’ve been said fuck it, but I don’t know it’s something about her that makes me want to wait it out, so I guess we gone just keep taking it slow”

Janice (age 23-28) Female

audition line: “Yes Mr. Brown Tina is still out sick… I do apologize I’m covering her clients till she gets back… Im sure she’ll be back soon… is it serious?… honestly Mr. Brown I’m not sure… yes… perfect I’ll see you Monday morning… thank you… you have a great day as well… bye”

Candy (age 23-28) Comedic Character Female

audition line: “You know what?, you heffas ought to be thanking me, cause I got y’all lit that night”

(drunk talking): “You can join us if you like, just try to sustain yourself with all this sexiness cause I like men”

Jay (age 23-28) Hardcore Lesbian that comes from a wealthy criminal background Female/Stud

audition line: “Now the way I see it, you’re whatever the f* I say you are. You think these new lil friends of yours can protect you from me. I own you, you belong to me… You know something I knew I shouldn’t have let you go that day”

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Actors MUST send in a headshot or full body shot with audition

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