Casting Nationwide for “Chasing The Cure” – People Looking to Diagnose Their Symptoms


Chasing The Cure Live.

Location: Nationwide

Type: Docu-series

Seeking real people for “Chasing The Cure Live.” Synopsis: We are currently looking for people from all over the country who have been unable to get a diagnosis for their medical symptoms. Chasing the Cure with Ann Curry invites you to join a growing community of doctors and patients working together to help find answers to emotional, difficult, and potentially unsolvable, medical challenges.

We are tapping into the world of medical crowdsourcing, connecting doctors worldwide, online and on television, to help patients battling everything from life-threatening diseases to unusual ailments that are undiagnosed, misdiagnosed or uncured. This offers unprecedented access and opportunity for doctors around the world to collaborate cross-discipline, as well as at-home viewers.

We are currently looking for people from all over the country who have been unable to get a diagnosis for their medical symptoms; Chasing the Cure with Ann Curry invites you to join a growing community of doctors and patients working together to help find answers to emotional, difficult, and potentially unsolvable, medical challenges.

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Nationwide
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98 thoughts on “Casting Nationwide for “Chasing The Cure” – People Looking to Diagnose Their Symptoms

  1. Kira

    My 10 year old son was normal as can be up until 2 months ago. He is getting headaches completely leaving him paralyzed. He’s been to every doctor possible and they can not figure what is wrong with him. Every night he’s praying to GOD to give him his life back. He says his brain is on fire and he’s suffering.

  2. Lori Lindblade

    Hi I have been sick for 11 years and it took me 5 yrs to get a diagnosed, but as of now there is no cure that the G.I. knows about. It is called functional abdominal pain syndrome, but there changing the name to chronic abdominal pain syndrome my intestines just cramps so severely all threw my intestinal track. From under my breast down to my pubic area and my sides and even my lower back all feels like someone kick my body with steel toe boots. Iam on heavy duty pain killers and still some days I cant get out of bed and can barely get to the bathroom with my walker. I don’t have a life it is just an existence, I also have R.A. neuropathy in both lower legs and feet. I have also circulation issues with the valves in my lower legs. I had so many cat scans and MRI’s with dye it gave me thyroid cancer so I had that remove as well as my gall bladder, I had 2 laps to look in my abdomen to try to see what is wrong , I had a hysterectomy. I am in so much pain, my abdominal area, my stomach is so puffed up its looks like I am pregnant. If not for my faith, I would have swallowed a bottle of pain meds a long time ago. I am begging you to help find out if anyone can know how to stop the cramping that is all day all night everyday PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help me!

    1. virginia vaeth

      Hi Lori can you get some local raw honey that has really helped me, I got a beehive last year and I had such bad sore throats and I found it helped with so many things, it has enzymes that help with bowels, try raw garlic also.

  3. Cami

    Hello – I have a condition that has a diagnosis but I can’t get any causal or curative help. I have Granuloma Annulare. It is on my hands, arms and back. I used to be able to inject each tiny nodule with cortisone but that doesn’t work any longer and it is moving on to new places as I age. Any help would be so appreciated!

  4. Leslie Baker

    I was always extremely active, played soccer, and ran track when I was young and continued to run as an adult running 15 different marathons, 3 of them were the Boston Marathon. When I was going through a very extremely bad divorce in 2013 I noticed my legs were feeling extremely heavy. My legs weren’t cooperating with me when I would run. The faster I ran the faster my legs would feel as though I had no control of them. I was dragging them through my runs, almost falling over several times. I thought I needed to rest. I took a break from marathons. But now it’s been over 5 years since I’ve ran marathons. I can barely run now. It’s more of a walk run. My legs are extremely heavy and fatigue, super tight. I’ve gone to so many different doctors, had so many diagnosis, and nothing is getting my legs back. I’ve had hip surgery to fix FAI hip impingment thinking that would be the trick, doesn’t help, had MRIs on my lower back, and hip, also my brain to rule out MS, had blood work done to check my thyroid, nothing. I just want help. I went from a strong healthy young woman and now I feel weak. My legs. Even my arms. I’m barely making through a work out without feeling of collapsing. I’m despite. I need help. No one is listening to me or even seeming like they want to help. They just say, well that’s weird. I have Raynauds disease and asked if that would cause my fatigue and heaviness, but the doctor didn’t seem to think so. Since I turned 30 every year it’s getting worse. I’m now 36 and have fallen into a deep depression. My body has betrayed me and I don’t know how to fix this. Please help me find a cure ?

  5. Jennifer Lutz McNulty

    I need your help desperately, been battling illness since I was a young girl.
    I’m 55 now over 21 surgeries heart stopped 5 times. That I remember. I’m 55 my grandchild is 7 only seen her 7 times in my life. Spent millions on medical Bill’s barley get by on disability. I’m aware of some of my condictions but not all so much more wrong. I just need more time so my grandchild can get to know me. Spent 12 years on the sofa crying unable to move from pain. Almost died getting off morphine. My doctor has been no help, hes actually done more harm. Please help me
    Jennifer Lutz

  6. Richard DelRossi

    I have a DNA protein issue causing severe muscle wasting or a form of muscular dystrophy and it just took over my body real fast in past 6yrs. I’m 41 but I kinda always new something was different with my muscles but it didn’t really hit me until recently. I was extremely active before this but slowly lost ability to ride my bikes or run my dog along with a list a mile long. It keeps getting worse and I have trouble walking now can not run one step and always feel like I’m dying inside or it feels like everyday I’m in a major car accident and my all my body parts hurt. I’m living the dream where I can’t run no more. My symptoms are are basically my muscles feel like their 110 and dying while my stomach acts like chrohns disease, full body arthritis all the time. East coast Dr do not have a clue. Traveling is hard for me I can’t fly because my equilibrium is so off I get violently sick, I have no inner outer thighs left no chest biceps or much arms left becoming bones and it hurts so much yet no one can see how bad it really is. How do I sign up to be picked.

  7. Brandy taylor

    You need to change the name of the show? Are you trying to cure people or looking for people who can’t find a diagnosis?

  8. William Dorn

    I was injured five years ago lifting logs for firewood. I have been in constant chronic pain so I had back surgery and had two coflex implants put in. After the surgery I have had horrible pain thru out my body. My legs, arms and face have went numb and I have lost 55 pounds. I am desperate, the surgeon says all my tests look perfect and there is nothing more he can do for me. I had lost all hope till i saw your program. I am 66 years old and would like to have some good times with my wife my daughter and my grandson before the LORD takes me home. Please contact me you could save my life.

  9. Deneah Burgess

    My mom Joanne who is 61 has a rare skin disorder called scleroderma which has no cure. She’s had it for about 12 years when her life expectancy was about 2. Her body is creating a shell and because of this she constantly in pain, it’s now effecting her throat to where she can’t eat any thing without choking. Her doctors have even resorted to her giving her self a shot once a week with this “chemo” stuff that they say is supposed to help. But If she doesn’t have cancer why would she be giving herself chemo? Just a step in the right direction would be so helpful. Just Trying to keep my mom Alive.

    1. lisa m.

      I fell down 14 steps October 9, 2018. now I have pains in my bones, joints, swollen ankles and knees, walk with a limp, have intestinal issues, broke right wrist, then fell due to knees buckling, broke left wrist, had wrist surgery, and at same time had carpal tunnel surgery which has not recovered properly, keep going back to ortho Dr, go to occupational therapy, nothing helps, 5 months with stiff, almost paralyzed hand. I have osteoporosis, osteoarthritis. have pain in tailbone, but nothing shows up on x-rays. the numbness, tingling etc in my left hand causes mr a lot of anxiety. I cannot use that hand, so cannot drive, etc. I am a widow, have no one who understands me. I stay home every day. I have had to pay women to help me and it is so costly. I am confused, don’t know what to do except cry. lost friends and family who are fed up with my complaining. I am very sad and I worry a lot.

      please help me. Lisa m. 9/13/19

  10. John_ please help my love

    My name is John trying to find help for my fiance she has had diarrhea for 10 years she’s been to so many doctors in and out of hospitals she weighs 65 lbs, she’s in bad shape and she needs some help. She’s only 30 and I’m 33 and we’ve been together for 4 years and I want her be healthy and happy again. I have kidney disease myself and I’m dealing with that and I’ve been in the hospital for around 4 weeks and I haven’t been able to be with her, we practically been together every day for the last 4 years. I miss her so much but I’m so worried for her, that she might not make it, if there’s anyone that can help please email me , and let’s get her some help, and figure out what’s wrong please.

  11. Karlene M Gillette


    I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. But many doctors have said something else going on they just don’t know what. I have numbness, tingling, burning. All over. I have many symptoms. Seen many doctors except neurologists, who won’t see me because MRI was clean. Been sick for 3 years.

  12. Peggy

    Our daughter in law is 41 years old. Has always been a go getter, always on the move, always taking care of her family and working full time. Three years ago she started getting sick. It comes and goes. It started out lasting 7-10 days, totally debilitating. 5-6 months later it would come back. Each episode was worse and lasted longer. This most recent episode is in day 52. She finally did get diagnosed at our local hospital as CVS, Cyclical Vomiting Disorder. Sounds simple right? It’s not, it renders you helpless. In constant pain, unable to function at all. After all of the admissions at our local rural hospital, they told her that there’s nothing that they could do for her and sent her home. Last week she was so bad that our son drove her to UPMC in Pittsburgh to get some help. They admitted her and she’s still there. She isn’t any better at all. I wish I could find the words to describe how terrible this very rare disorder is, it’s just so frightening to see a young healthy person go to someone who can’t get out of bed. I did find an on-line forum dedicated to this rare disorder. Please check it out, all of horrible things that a person has to go through and no help in sight. Thank you.

  13. Russell Walla

    My name is Russell Walla, i have my best friend (Teresa Shinn) she is 44. She went through a longvabusive relationship with her ex husband! He had PTSD and did alot of horrible things to her. One of the most lasting is her current condition. She has a huge like Tumor on top of her head. If she ever hits it she begins to go into conclusions Also she will randomly have seizures, along with night terrors She went to doctors after she had a couple of sezuires and they told her there was nothing they could do. They never diagnosed her with anything, they put her on seizure meds for awhile but told her she was not epileptic. She has never gone back to try and have a doctor look at her head. She misses out on her 3 kids events in life because she goes through episodes where she “doesn’t feel well” this is usually when a seizure is coming or she will just stuttered alot and get very cold! Blankets will not get her warm and it is like bone chilling pain literally as she describes it
    She has the biggest heart and would do anything for anybody at anytime. I would love for a doctor to see if they can “fix her”!!
    Please consider her as a candidate for your show! Love what y’all are doing keep it up!

  14. Kim Warner

    Suffering with severe burning of the skin that comes and goes and very widespread. It’s can last from minutes to 12 plus hours. In pain more than not. Turns tingling to numb and is the worst pain I’ve every experienced. Have had tons of bloodwork, a cat scan of my neck and seen a neurologist at the Cleveland clinic in addition to my primary. Have been prescribed multiple medications and nothing seems to help. I have no rash and because it’s invisible to the naked eye it feels like no one believes me. No one knows our body better than us. I’ve been to every er in our area only to be told that it’s “rare”. This has altered my everyday life as it’s sporadic. I’ve quit doing everything I used to do which includes cooking, cleaning, driving etc…
    Please if there’s anyone who’s suffering please share. Please help me Chasing a Cure. I will be forever grateful.

    1. ALICIA Michelle NOLAN

      Sounds like what I have, which of course I don’t know either. One dr said fibromyalgia, one said chronic pain syndrome. I’ve been given lyrica, cymbalta,gabapentin, non of that helps. I never have been a medicine taker not even Tylenol. The only thing that helped was pain medicine. All the things going on with that dr. are scared to write it. I understand why but we are suffering. Maybe they dont realize their is a disease that they haven’t diagnosed. If all these people with the same symptoms may have a common issue. Like birth control ortrauma. I was stabbed in the stomach and I have a metal plate in my ankle where I fractured it. It could be a bacteria causing this. I don’t know but i wish their was a Dr that truly cared in Alabama cause our right if they cant see it they don’t believe it. I’m only 37 been dealing with this for 10 years. Was bed ridden at one time only the pain medicine helped to me up moving working now I don’t want to go backwards. It’s not like it even cures it but lessons the pain.i wish it could be cured but I don’t think so.

  15. Betty Hein

    I am writing this about my daughter! We are at our wits end. She is 36 years old and has been sick for the last ten years. She has two daughters who are now 8 and 11. Her problems started after she had her first daughter. It started with constant uti infections, then kidneys stones. Then she had to get stents after stone removed.. She was getting sores all over in her mouth. High blood pressure,more kidney stones. Had her second daughter and things got even worse. More ut I more stones female issues, bladder bleeding. Ended up having to have a complete hysterectomy, they couldn’t figure out why everything was so diseased. It wasn’t endometriosis. Everything kept going wrong. Family doctor said you need to go to a kidney doctor. He diagnosed her with rta type one. Put her on potassium citrate but still making stones. He told her I think you have an autoimmune disease. Had all the blood test ANA test was negative. Her family doctor said I think you have lupus. Kidney doctor said lupus gave her rta. She went to a rheumatologist he said he couldn’t help her because ANA was negative. She now has all the symptoms of lupus except ANA positive test . She has Mylar rash she gets fluid around lungs and heart, mouth sores, rashes terrible brain fog to the point she can’t get a complete sentence out. She can’t go without pain medications. Gets bladder and kidney infections all the time that has such a weird bacteria she can’t get rid of it. Her family doctor has diagnosed her with lupus but is not comfortable trying new medication like Benlasta. She does take plaquenil, gabapentin, seems like she’s always on steroids for the inflammation. Her joints are always red and inflamed. He referred her to another rheumatologist he said he was sure she had lupus and could help her blood tests came back negative so he told her he can’t help her. There has to be someone who can help figure out what is going on without steroids all the time potassium citrate and everything else she takes. She has no life she is always sick, no sleep which makes everything worse. Her girls are always sad because mom is always sick. She tries so hard to do things with her family then she pays for it later. She is always throwing up and nauseous. I would give my life to help her. What can it be? Does every lupus patient have a positive ANA test? If it’s not lupus what is it? I really hope this panel of doctors could give my daughter her life back!
    Thank you
    A loving mother!
    Betty Hein

  16. Michael

    I have had 2 back surgeries, with laminectomies at 6 levels. I have been partially paralyzed in my lower legs from knees to toes since my last back surgery 2 years ago. I am 62 year old male Caucasian. I must use double arm canes or a wheelchair to get around. I’m only able to walk very few steps with the arm canes. I would love to be able to walk again.

  17. Shelon Washington

    My sister a little over 30 lost her ability to walk, she has been in a nursing home for rehab, and has had so many tests….Doctors honestly have no clue as to what is going on with her…her feet and legs have no feeling anymore…Please help, it’s so much more to discuss.

  18. Sara

    I’ve been sick all my life. In and out of the e.r sometimes 4 times a week.
    I have chronic stomach pain and nausea and also horrible headaches that may be migraines that’ll last a couple months
    I also was born unable to use the bathroom normally and no dr has figured out why…and I’ve passed it down to one of my children!
    I’ve been really sick for 3 years and my whole life I’ve always dealt with some strange stomach issues. Theres way more detail to my case if someone wants to hear it.

  19. Zorah

    I’ve had one health issue since I was a child when my dad was alive he had to give me to doctor after doctor even after my mother passed away he flew me for two reasons to Australia one so she could help me cope with my mothers passing into to find out what this pain was when I was little the only relief I got was when he would heat up olive oil and rub my stomach with it . When it would come on with sudden I would get excruciating pain in my abdomen the whole thing and I couldn’t walk straight I have to hunch over stretching it out would be very painful it would cause me to vomit have fever sweats . I am now 42 still with no diagnosis still living through the same pain now it’s lasting anywhere from seven days to two weeks it comes and goes as he pleases and I think I would be a great candidate for the show because no one has given me a diagnosis. I’ve told many doctors many are that I believe it’s Mediterranean fever they tell me know it’s everything else like UTI bladder infection I need my gallbladder out they go in there in a little surprise my gallbladder is fine they say that I have a kidney infection and I got kidney stones eggs and surprise I don’t have either … so help me

  20. Brad Elow

    I fractured my t8 rib four years ago. The rib healed in what’s called a malunion. The back part of my rib healed over the front part of my rib. The end of the front part is pressing up against my liver and diaphragm. I have constant pressure on my abdomen. The rib being out of place has caused me to feel like I am being twisted. It affects me from head to toe. I have seen several cardio thoracic surgeons who keep telling me the have never dealt with this type of condition. I have had numerous ct scans, had nerve blocks and the nerves being burned at t789. I feel like I am twisted. It is hard to walk. I need to find a surgeon who has seen this condition and can repair my rib.

  21. Patricia Van Dyke

    For the last 20+ years I have lived on a daily basis with unrelenting depression/anxiety. Following a number of traumatic losses over a relatively short number of years found( as I was coming to the end of dealing with everything) myself depressed, and not “snapping” out of it. Since then I have sought various therapies i.e. ECT, cognitive, TMS etc. As well as seeing numerous doctors who prescribed numerous medications none of which has helped. I also had a genetic test done for MTHFR, and took Deplin with the hope it would help the meds. work more effectively with no success. It would mean so very much to feel like a whole human being again, and by that I mean experiencing simple Joy, Motivation, and Purpose with the years I have left. As close to hopeless as I have ever been, and when I saw an ad for the show decided to take a chance, with the hope you might be able to help me.

  22. Doris Molesy

    My son in law has a rare undiagnosed blood condition. His hemoglobin levels have dropped as low as 5 and have never been above 11. Iron infusion help to bring his levels up but they drop again. He is seeing the best hemotology doctor at the Cleveland clinic in ohio. He has had numerous scopes and colonasopy test and cannot find any bleeding. There are no visible signs for blood loss. He is extremely anemic. He’s had cancer testing and bone marrow tests no diagnosis of cancer. We are desperate to find a diagnosis or cure. He is only 38 years old is a veteran ,has children, feels hopeless and at this point cannot work. He is extremely week, exhausted and has no strength. Please help us.

  23. Jean Lynch

    My boyfriend has had severe pain on his right side since January; He’s in bed 24/7; has had the following:
    Several Xrays
    CT Scans with contrast
    vast blood work
    endoscopy and all tests are negative.

  24. Dawn Anderson

    Hello, Our son has been suffering for 10 years now and no one knows what is truly wrong with him. He is in the bathroom constantly vomiting and having diarrhea. He has been in to several doctors and each one diagnosed something different. He was put on meds, told it’s all in his head and so on. Our son is 28 years old with a family and I am afraid that he isn’t going to be around much longer. It is affecting him mentally and physically! We tried getting him help but, insurance continually denied tests to be done. The camera pill was denied right away for him. I’m begging and pleading with you for your help in this matter.
    I’m also very I’ll and haven’t had a day without pain in over 20 years. I’m suffering! I can give up any help for me just to have my son cured. I would die for him!
    Please help him!

  25. Eunice Dearing

    20 year old autistic male, healthy, in college first year. Sinus infection, multiple antibiotics, starts falling, losses ability to control legs, year later in wheelchair cannot feel or move legs from hip to toes. Neurologists, rheumatoid Dr.s , many Drs but no answers. Fighting vertigo, headaches. He is now 25, still looking for answers.

  26. Nicholas

    My name is Nicholas and I have had cryogenic cirrhosis and no dr. Can tell me how I got it. All they tell me is that it is generic from my family but nobody has ever had it. It’s very frustrating as I get really sick every 4 weeks and have to go to the emergency room. I have been in the hospital 42 times in the last 2 and a half years and seen probably 30 different GIs. They said I might have to have surgery for a transplant but because my meld score is so low I will be on the list for years. So my only options are to have a transplant and be on the horrible anti rejection drugs which I researched are awful and your on them for the rest of your life. I asked the GIs what if I get a lot healthier and get my meld score really low. Every one of them say because we don’t know how you got this disease it could come back throughout your life sometimes bad sometimes good. Any suggestions?

  27. Rick McEver

    In reference to Lori who appeared on the August 8 episode, Has anyone considered treating her for Lupus? I have had similar symptoms for years.

  28. Colleen ruis

    I’ve been sick in and out of the hospital since I had my first son who is now 15 years old. With every pregnancy my health went downhill more. I handed up having a thyroid disorder which is what the doctor said but other symptoms that came along with it didn’t make sense and no doctor was able to diagnose my problem. I had to get my gallbladder removed then I had chronic pain for years with no answers just different medicines thrown to me that ended up making my situation worse and for the past 10 years I’ve just been going downhill physically to the point I have a hard time taking care of my children.
    Now to the point after being in the hospital and almost dying that I don’t take anything anymore except my thyroid medicine in the morning and one regular Tylenol when my pain gets really bad because I’m scared I need to figure out how to help myself and at this point no doctors can I have lost trust in them.
    I’ve written into so many different shows and asked for help now my teeth are starting to deteriorate due to this and throwing up for years and years didn’t help it either and not being able to eat. I know makes it worse. I’ve had a hard time eating for the past 10 years anytime. I would eat, I would always throw up so I got to the point that I just gave up on eating.
    I just don’t know what to do anymore no matter what I just can’t seem to get help because I don’t have good insurance and I’m only 38 years old with three boys and I just want to be there for them. The only thing that I know for sure is I do have a thyroid disorder, it just seems like the doctors that I have seen which is a lot of them, don’t know a lot about it or they guess. I can’t keep having doctors guess and use me as a guinea pig.

  29. Sue Kallerud

    I am actually writing this for my granddaughter Santana. She was born March 25th weighing only 2lbs. 1 oz. she has been at Lurie’s Children Hospital since they day she was born and has this rare medical issue known as VACTERAL. She needs heart surgery and she will need her esophagus repaired since it was not fully developed. For the past few weeks she is fighting some severe edema and her doctors are having to research on just where it is coming from and how to control it. I am hopeful that if you do a story on Santana so we might get help from other doctors or maybe other parents to have dealt with this ruthless medical issue.


    About 10 years ago, I started having pain in my shoulders, hips and knees. It has progressed to my hands, feet , down my back, but my neck is in constant excruciating pain, headaches everyday from the pain in the neck. It feels like I can’t hold my head on my neck, can’t sleep a comfortable night and there is a constant clicking noise in my neck. I’ve had MRI, CT, blood work and all they can come up with is Fibromylgia, but all test show nothing. I had a fusion of the T3-4 level, with no relief. At one point I was unable to stand or walk without excruciating pain. I have no energy, brain fog and refuse to take pain medication, due to the problems associated with these drugs. I have done all holistic types of treatment, with no result. Just really want to know what is wrong with me. Some days I lay in one place unable to move due to the pain and cry, not wanting to continue. Thank you for listening to me.

    1. Stefanie

      This sounds like me!!!!! I thought it was lupus for the longest time (still kind of do) but all blood tests were negative, for everything, and no medications worked. At first they thought it was a B12 and D deficiency. I started supplements but the pains still came. Saw two more rheumatologist before I took plaquenil correctly, since it takes a long time to get in your system. It was the only thing that helped the pains subside, besides the help of PT for my neck.
      It’s frustrating to basically live on this medication but it is a god send to the alternative. Still interment pains and still all negative blood work for any test you could think of and all organs were fine. I finally, with the fourth dr, got an MRI on my pelvis which didn’t show much but there was some “cloudiness” which lead her to believe it could be spondylo arthritis. I’ve started taking cosyntex to see if it helps “reboot” my body as it says and get rid of these lasting aches and pains.
      I still am not officially diagnosed because all of my tests are still negative but I praise my last dr who actually filled in the previous drs blanks to come to this conclusion.

    2. Tina Gentle

      I too have chronic neck and shoulder pain, I get these pressure headaches if I laugh or bend over, I have ME/CFS and recently on Jen Brea’s blog she discovered that she has cranial cervical instability and now after surgery All of her symptoms of me/cfs had subsided. Would love to get to UCLA where she had it done!

  31. Adam Moore

    I was bleeding most of blood supply out of my body back in 2013, I went to the bath room, I lost most supply. I am being treated by local hospital in Yuma Arizona. Please help, just hanging on.

  32. Dorothy Volpe

    My daughter Rebecca,who is 50 years old, has been suffering from what she believes is Morgellons for almost 3 years. We have gone to every type of doctor and they don’t want to acknowledge or talk about the disease. She has fibers that are on/in her body and in her hair (which she hasn’t cut in 3 years but is still growing). Strangers comment on her hair dancing! She is now seeing a holistic doctor who sees the fibers and is trying to help. The doctor is trying to detox her with diet, essential oils, acupuncture, etc. Rebecca has been on a face book page with many other sufferers and has gotten some help there. She is so frustrated and disheartened by the lack of medical help for her and all of the others that are suffering from this disease. It seems like the CDC named it and then just dropped any further studies on it. She lives in Georgia and is available for anyone who will look at her and hopefully help. Thank you, Dorothy

    1. Shona

      I’m replying to you because my sister is ready to just give up and die. She also was given the run around, no doctors would even admit they see them. They look like springtails, she sees them every where even around her sink. We also live in Alabama, not far from you. It’s in our water, I know this. I can suggest something to you, my sister has me ordering her some FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, you have to look up how many drops to use at a time, but with my sisters, she says they hate hydrogen peroxide, so I thought we need to kill them from inside out. Think about it,there doesn’t look to be anyone addressing these, so many people have them and are suicidal. I think this is better than the alternative!! Personally I think these things are some type of bio warfare, it’s here now and nobody want to touch it

  33. Jeff Fisher

    I have a lady friend, who has been diagnosed with lympodima(sp). Four years ago, she could walk and go out and do everything. Now she is in a nursing home or she gets to go home and is home and bed bound. She has a great outlook, but her husband and friends feel very helpless. Please help.

  34. Jimbo

    I have spent 14 years in chronic pain. The pain has come with chronic kidney stones as well. The chronic calcium oxalate kidney stones run in the family and no one knows how to cure the stones or the pain. I have been to over 4 urologists, 2 nephrologists, 2 endocrinologist with no permanent fix. While some might say we can cut out your kidneys, I believe having them may be a good idea. (Sarcasm). I have had god knows how many x-rays, cat scans, and ultrasounds. It affects my life constantly and makes it hard to live a life holding a job. Finding a cure would do wonders for my life because I have to constantly be on pain meds and that’s not living.

  35. Russ,Rubin

    I have had every test known to man and blood work, I suffer from lightheadedness daily. They sinus test says no polyps, kidneys fine, cat scan fine, BP good, heart mild regurgitation, diabetic negative, living in a fog yes . Antibiotics too many times. Sleep never, eats fine. Why Why am I dizzy daily. Missed so much work due to ligheadness. Take vitamins, just want an answer and be able to live a normal life, I don’t go anywhere to dizzy.

  36. Julius Clark

    Have stomach problem doctors at VA hospital can’t find out why I have ‘this pain in my stomach it been more than 8 years

  37. Douglas

    I’m a 58-year-old male that was diagnosed with Hep C, I did treatments over a year and a half with Pegintron, ribaviren and uncivil. After these medications wiped out my immune system it actually destroyed my immune system. My auto immune system now attacks my muscles as I grow weaker by the day I am now in a chair to get around I’ve been listed as having inclusion body myositis and told there is no cure my muscles are so weak I now have an ostomy bag and wear a brace on my left foot. I’ve been treated with steroids which now has turned me into a type two diabetic which I have to take two kinds of insulin and Trulicity. If it weren’t for my wife I’d be dead by now. I’m looking for anyone that can help me to get my immune system back on track.

  38. Lena

    Last year I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease. I did the iodine radiation pill and went into a hypo state. Eventually dr. somewhat was able to get me stabilized. Shortly there after I was diagnosed with an autoimmune Sjogrens.
    I was put on prednisones and ultimately clap with nail and the thyroid medication ..
    It’s been a little over a year and I am in constant pain. Sometimes information in different areas, one I will swell completely closed or the other, joints feel like they are aching to the bone, one eye is just a little bit larger than the other but they said has nothing to do with the graves. Most recent, I feel dizzy and behind my eyes and my brain feels like it’s floating/dizzy Then comes the fatigue where I literally have to lay down. After sitting for a few minutes, I attempt to stand and walk and my hips ache so bad that it takes me a few moments of moving and one location to start walking.

    Although I’ve been diagnosed with these two illnesses I can’t help but feel there is more going on. Doctor said they’re doing all that they can, that my blood work comes back normal status, and there’s nothing more they can do for me. Obviously no one knows where or what the auto immune is from (How you get it or for that matter Graves.

    A little over a year ago I was on top of the world. Traveling abroad, traveling in general for work. And doing so was able to move and travel abroad easily. Could run a marathon.

    Today in the last year,
    I am extremely tired of feeling tired, in pain, fatigue, depressed, dizzy, and hopeless. Please help

  39. Sabrina Franco

    I just saw the commercial. I wish I knew of this show sooner. My life has change ever since I’ve been dealing with ongoing vertigo it’s been pure hell. I’ve been to many doctors and nothing has been resolved. Now my white blood count is high and i have some weird anemia thing going on . Still no solution to anything just bouncing from doctor to doctor. My life seems to be confined to my house. I’m scared I might fall. Taken dizzy pills, exercises and NOTHING. I don’t know what else to try, just want my life back. I wish someone would see me and tell me what is going on that none of these doctors are picking up.

  40. Juan Rivera

    I’ve been dealing with my chest pain for over 15 yrs which has nothing to do with my heart. It appeared one day and it has stayed with me that long. I have been a guinea pig for doctor’s ever since. I’ll watch your show in the hope of maybe there is an answer to my painful depression. Looking forward of finding the truth.

  41. Saundra Bulka

    I have an incurable autoimmune disease called small fiber neuropathy. The coating around all the nerves of my skin is disappearing leaving my nerves in my skin exposed and eventually dying. I have it from head to toe and every year it gets so much worse. Just a simple touch could cause severe burning sensations. There is nothing for my drs to do except make me as comfortable as possible. What I’m wondering is, why does there have to be a reward if the drs find a cure? Also with me being on disability how would someone like me ever be able to offer a reward? Does this show only cater people who have money and are well off? Seems a little unfair. Just wondering how this whole show production works

  42. Holly

    My son has been pretty sick An home bound for 2 years. He had his tonsils removed and shortly after he started getting dizzy and chronic pain in his stomach and his lower back and has a 27 month chronic headache that never goes away. Most food hurt him to eat an the lower back pain stops him from school an sports. He turns 13 on July 18th 2019… would live answers as to why he hurts An is dizzy an always tired An his heart rate always goes crazy. Would love for him to get back in school an start being a teenager again. He was a normal kiddo before all this, no health issues, plays football and baseball since he was 4, we traveled with select baseball to bring home bound an drs just keep passing him off. He’s had 5 lumbar punctures, two myelograms, 5 mris, 2 cat scans, 1 colonoscopy an 2 upper gi scopes and still suffers with no answers. What I would give to help my son!

  43. Ronda J Parson

    My mother has gone blind and she was told that nothing can be done that she is only 3 in the world that has this rare retinal disease, please help us. Shes never seen her grand kids, I’m worried about her as she lost all her spirit and all she does is sit and cry, desperate in Oregon, Ronda P.

  44. Bonnie Sloan

    Please help or friend. She is in Norman regional in Norman Oklahoma. Her brain is bleeding, they can’t stop it. Don’t know what’s even causing it! She is dying rapidly. Her liver is failing, her blood is septic, she really needs help and soon. PLEASE HELP HER!

  45. Christine Graham

    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia over 31 years ago. Since then, I’ve been diagnosed with bilateral greater trochanter bursitis, bilateral sciatica, Degenerative Facet Joint Disease. These disorders and diseases have made my life extremely difficult. Moving is very painful

  46. Frank Kichak

    I am 36 year old male. I have hypokalemic periodic paralysis. I have been misdiagnosed over 15 times. Usually people with this disease end up in a wheelchair at an early age. If I eat carbs, workout, or have a fan/air conditioning blowing on me, I will wake up paralyzed. I won’t be able to roll over in bed. I won’t able to lift my arm. I won’t be able to cough because my muscles won’t work. It can last hours to days. It’s hereditary. I have 2 kids and don’t want them to suffer through this, along with others with this disease. We need a cure.

  47. Marilyn b hull

    I have a rare skin disorder called purigio nodularis. Most people including doctors have never even heard of it. It is a very painful disorder. It itches to the bone(it feels like). It stings. It causes you to break out with sores all over your body that are extra painful. No one knows how you get it and it’s not curable. It is not contagious but it is not curable. When the sores get to a certain stage you have to pick them. You do this without knowing it. Every one thinks the sores are from drug use. I do not do drugs not even weed. It is embarrassing to go any where in public because I am covered with sores and scars. I hope you can help me. It is hard not to commit suicide when it gets so painful. Thank you, Marilyn hull.

  48. Anthony Johnson

    For the past three years, My father has suffered a debilitating undiagnosed medical condition that results in daily acute spasmodic abdominal and dorsal nerve pain.
    Initially, exploratory surgery for removal of a hernia and gall bladder was performed.
    Currently he’s receiving steroid injections at the T8 and T9 vertebrae. The injections have not provided relief for him.

    My Dad is an 84 year old, non drinker/non-smoker,
    with a current history of diabetes, and hypertension. He practices great discipline in charting as he always monitor his BP/glucose least twice a day

  49. diana nuhn

    I am 69 years old i have had fibermylogia for 10 years. I have this all over my body. I have pain all over and have to live with this. There is no cure once you get this. I don’t know what to do anymore please help if you can. Thank you for your time.

  50. Patricia Elbinger

    All symptoms are now chronic. I have burning/tingling in both arms, symmetrical. I have horizontal diplopia in right eye.( 6th Cranial Nerve Palsy ) I need to wear Prism glasses. I have tinnitis in left ear. I started with intermittent arm burning/tingling in May 2015, it is now constant. Are all symptoms related? The only tests that shows abnormal is MRI of neck and brain. I had two EMG tests both negative. The doctor said symptoms not neck related. My brain MRI (with dye) shows few hyperintentities in the periventiculars and corpus calsium area. I am 71, drs. say probably age related.
    I would like to know if ” Chasing the Cure” could help me shed some light on my medical mystery.

  51. LISA Brown-Olsen

    My name is Lisa and I used to be a competent wife, mother and teacher. In 2002 I suffered from an extreme flu like illness that had me hospitalized for several days. Since then I have been suffering from debilitating headaches, body pain, memory loss, decreased capacity to think, gastrointestinal issues and emotional trauma and upheaval . I have gone to every type of doctor from neurologists and hepatologists to otolaryngologists. I spent three weeks at the Diamond Headache clinic in Chicago. Made multiple trips to both Chicago and Boston seeking medical help. I have tried many alternative and homeopathic forms of medicine form acupuncture to ayurvedic practitioners. No one has been able to treat or explain my condition. I have tried extreme diets ending up on an autoimmune protocol with no help. I can only function at a fraction of my prior abilities. I have lost my job teaching, changed my career and almost eliminated my quality of life basing all decisions on how this activity will affect me. I work and survive. Because I have an unnamed illness, I am not eligible for disability, yet I cannot work full time. I miss many activities with my family to stay in bed or avoid chemical exposures which tend to make things worse. We live on top of a Super Fund Site in Grand Island. NE which supposedly was cleaned up in one summer. An environmental doctor said my illness is connected to that but no one else can verify or figure out what to do. Please help.

  52. Joshua Balkind

    I have large bumps that come up on my bottom. They appear to be some kind of cysts. I’ve been to several doctors and each one has diagnosed me with something different. Nothing they’ve prescribed to me has ever done any good. They get quite large and when they bust or leak it gets all over my pants. Would love to find a cure for this problem it’s been with me for as long as I can remember and I am now 49 years old.

    1. Rita Sapp

      I have something like that. Had since age 12. Mine was diagnosed as Hidradenitis Suppurativa. There is no cure but I did have laser done on mine and they went away. Thank goodness!

  53. Laraine MurphyErickson

    In 2002 I was treated for HCV with the ‘new cure’ Pegylated interferon with Ribavirin for one year. I have since suffered vision changes, severe recurring edema of my lower extremities, I’ve had silent heart attacks apparently and now am medicated for hypertension, I have breathing issues, I have some strange new texture of my tongue, I’m going through skin changes, loss of hair, I’ve zero energy, had five major spinal surgeries, I’m scared. my blue eyes are turning orange rapidly, I am 51 years old this all began during my interferon treatments. I was pulled off early due to complications but wasn’t told what those complications were. I feel that the only way we will ever know what was wrong with me is through my autopsy.

  54. Jennifer Sweet

    I have suffered from a debilitating pain in my rectum for 4 years. None of the doctors I have seen could figure it out. I, through my own research, figured out that I have Levator Ani Syndrome, which I am told is rare and not much is known about. After mentioning it to PCP he sent me to a gastroenterologist, which sent me to a colorectal surgeon. There is no cure and not a lot known about it. No pain medication has ever been able to stop the pain. They are going to do botox this month, but there are no primises that it will work and my insurance may deny. Please help me! I can’t live out my life with this kind of pain.

    1. Scott Ellis

      Sounds like the same thing I’m going through. I’ve had this pain in my rectum for over a year. I’ve had several procedures, and none worked. The botox was the worst. Severe constipation! Good luck to you.

    2. Shona

      The pain you talk about, I am sure that a doctor can give you lidocaine suppositories.
      If you also have trouble having a bowel movement, it sounds like part of the rectum has necrosed. I know this was no help, but for that pain ask for lidocaine suppositories. Good luck and God bless you

    3. Sandra

      Jennifer, I have pelvic floor disorder and can’t walk, bend or stoop without severe pain. I know it’s a different problem from yours, I’m just commenting because I’ve dealt with this pain since 1996 and just 2 weeks ago they did a surgery and put Botox in all of my pelvic muscles, my insurance DID cover it and it WORKED, I still have a little pain but my pain medicine is now taking care of the pain, before the Botox the pain medicine did not work. I can now deal with the little pain I have.
      I’m just saying that the Botox WORKED and I’ll keep it in prayer that your insurance covers your surgery and that the Botox works for you like it did me. It’s life changing and feels wonderful not being in constant pain. Good luck, just wanted to give you hope, because it does work.

  55. Sharayah Bosch

    I have been diagnosed with lupus then told that was my the case. I have spent the last 7 years looking for a cure for my condition. 9 skin biopsies and multiple blood work tests. I have chronic dry skunk that causes skin sores. A red rash all over my body. I have been through all the major dermatologist in my city and left my city for additional testing. Came back with nothing new but still no cure. I also have hashimotos, endocrine disease but I have been told they are unrelated. I need help . My skin has been affecting my mental state for some time now and I’m at the point of giving up and just living with it the rest of my life . Please help me .

    1. Elyshia Nelson

      Sweetie,look up Lyme disease…me and most of my family have it but they don’t have proper test for it so false negative,at least answer. It has caused many other issue, diseases in my body,from Lyme

  56. shayne scherer

    I have severe nephropathy in my left leg. I have no diabetes and have every test ran with MRI on back and doctors can not figure out why my feet hurt, burn, and have pins and needles in them all the time. Gabapentin does not work.

  57. Amy Weidenbacher

    Hi I’m Amy weidenbacher this has been a 10yr nightmare. Please help, 24 hr nerve pain. I cant drive I can barely walk.

    Please help me, the Dr. says I have lyme disease then it’s Charco Marie Tooth now was told not CMT. I would love to attend all my kids soft ball and base ball games. Cant drive at 43 going crazy. I have deformed feet. Use a walker> I also have white matter on my brain they weren’t sure why stroke so they say. I’ts been almost 10yrs, so ready for this nightmare to be over.

  58. Jennifer Shelton

    I am a 49 year old female who feels more like an 89 year old. When people mention to me regarding my life , my response is always the same which is , “I don’t have a life , I am just existing only and I cannot wait til the day comes that I finally just don’t wake up one day” I am not joking , I have many health issues from back pain , pinched nerve around my neck/shoulder area which I now have cervical radiculopathy because of and my arm , hand and fingers go completely numb. I have carpal tunnel syndrome. My neck has absolutely no curve at all , it is completely straight so between the pinched nerve and the debilitating Migraines , it is all so painful. I do have other health issues BUT the absolute WORST health issue I have is HASHIMOTO’S Disease and no doctor has been able to help me because they themselves do Not know how to treat it and my TSH range that is supposed to be around a .04 to around a 4.0 , …. varies from 99 to a 187 to a 294 , etc. and no one can help me. When my TSH gets so out of wack , I have been hospitalized and even after being in the hospital for 5 days , my TSH when I was admitted was a 294 and 5 days later I was a 187 and was released from the hospital. After being misdiagnosed for 11 years I did finally find out that Levothyroxine , Synthroid , etc. did Not work on me … a medication called Tirosint did but since I moved from VA to SC , and no one here has ever heard of Tirosint I just get worse each week. My vision is deteriorating , I have started to get blackouts which is new. I used to be able to get rid of my swollen ankles in 2 days but now it is taking 5 days for my feet and ankles to look normal and now my face and eyelids swell so bad it looks like I just went a couple rounds with Mike Tyson in a boxing ring. I could go on and on but I don’t know what good this is going to do or even if anything comes out of typing this. Signed, Hopeless

    1. Shona

      Have you ever been diagnosed with chiari malformation? It carries so many more issues with it, such as connective tissue disorders, and more. I know because my baby suffered since birth with pain, until she was in her teens and after a bad accident they did a spine MRI a d found this., Ask Dr if he could do a MRI to check for chiari malformation. I hope this helps.

  59. Jamie Hill

    I am 47 years old and was a healthy mother of 2. I woke up 14 years ago with a chronic cough and my life has been a nightmare ever since. I have developed a paralyzed esophagus out of nowhere causing me to live on a feeding tube. My stomach soon became paralyzed after that and I had to be fed directly into my intestines. I have recently found out I’m in intestinal failure at this time. I also deal with an undiagnosed body myositis causing severe debilitating leg pain. There are no answers as to why my body suddenly is shutting down. After 14 years of being told I am too complex a patient for anyone to diagnose. I need help to get my life back. Thank you!

  60. Jennifer OMillian

    There isn’t even enough of characters allowed to discribe my symptoms, hospital visits and tests I’ve been through for the past 13 years. There are many nights I just pray I wake up the next morning. I pray to just be normal just for a little while. My life has fallen apart, I’ve been homeless and penny less many times thanks to whatever is going on with my health. I can’t afford good doctors or travel to see doctors so I continue to just survive everyday. It’s a horrible nightmare I can’t wake from.

  61. melissa adcock

    I have been unable to get diagnosed for leg pain and weakness.

  62. Chasity

    My son Elijah is almost 2, he has been aspirating sense he was three months old and no one can tell us why. We have seen Gi, a pulmonologist , and without any answers. We keep getting told he will just outgrow it but my question to that is why is it happening to begin with and why is still happening? We sometimes have to supplement him with a g-tube and I’m beyond frustrated because I feel like his symptoms are being treated but he has no valid diagnosis about what’s causing them. Dysphagia without a cause just doesn’t make sense to me and I’m ready for his swallowing disorder to improve.

  63. Robert Charles

    I have had this debilitating ringing in my ears, tinnitus for 2 years, seen many many doctors, no one can diagnose the problem. It’s just amazing how no one looks into this debilitating disease to get some kind of relief and no doctors know what causes it.

  64. David Joseph Helmetzi

    I have a condition called cvs the vomiting syndrome. At least that’s what the hospital says. I also am in tremendous pain, always noxious, have migraines, and tremendous stomach pain. I have no insurance cause thay want 1800 a month because of my health condition. I get sick at least twice a month and cant hold a job Nd social security wont help. Please I need help. Dont know how long before it takes my life.

  65. Myra Mabe

    I am a member of a group on Facebook that has a condition called Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Very few doctors know anything about it, so our treatments are few, and most of the time not helpful at all. We really need help finding relief or better yet a cure. Please consider looking into this autoimmune diseases for the 1% ( or so they say) of the world population that suffer from this debilitating disease.

  66. Michelle

    My condition is so rare nobody knows what to do with me. I started this journey at 267lbs and now I’m 124lbs at 6’2 so I’m worried I’ll die from starvation (even though I eat all the time) before anyone even looks at me. My condition used to be called McDuffy syndrome and is now Hypocomplementemic Urticarial Vasculitis( HUV’s). Any help would be a blessing.

  67. Dawn

    I need help. I have a number of health issues. I am 48 years old. I have had the total of 14 surgeries. I have had gall bladder, left hand, right shoulder, tubular, parcial hysterectomy, 4 right knee, left knee, 2 back, neck and had t have my bladder fixed. I have degenerative disc disease in my back and neck, severe fibromyalgia, low potassium, low blood pressure, arthritis, gastroparesis and IBS. I have been suffering for over a year now with my blood pressure bottoming out. I have passed out a number of times. I have had tons of bruises I have tore my right shoulder rotorcuff again and recently broke my left ankle because I fell out. This past Sunday it dropped when I started feeling better and was able to check it, it was 78/54. It has been lower than that. The doctor said even with chronic low blood pressure it shouldn’t get that low. All they do is get it up and release me.i am on two different medications to keep it up but it still bottoms out. Then with the gastroparesis I was told my stomach holds 66% of the food it doesn’t empty out. I was told there is a procedure there is but they can’t run any test to put me under because of my blood pressure. All this started with my blood pressure after they went in to fix my bladder. The surgery took a lot longer than they thought and had to put me on a ventilator to finish it. I am afraid one day it is going to bottom out and not come up. I take a bunch of meds. I was on methadone for 8 years for pain. Now I take Percocets for the pain. Please help or give advice.

  68. Karen Allemand-Nunley

    My husband had a heart catheterization in August 2011 and due to that he has an ungodly head pain he can’t get rid of 24/7 and he cannot find any help we’ve been to Duke University Mayo Clinic MUSC nobody can find out why he’s having this head pain you are our last hope.

  69. Rochell magliocco

    Hi I have a rare autoimmune disease called neurological behcets. I was paralyzed from the waist down

  70. Angie Morris

    I’ve had perfect teeth my entire life. Over the past two years, they have begun rapidly decaying, and crumbling down to nothing. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to fix, diagnose, find the reason and just as or more important, a solution! I never had braces, was always complimented on my smile. I don’t smile anymore. I don’t do a lot of things that I love and miss because I’m depressed and embarrassed. I’ve seen so many doctors, dentists, oral surgeons, etc., and no one can tell me why this is happening. I’m at a total loss at this point. I’m 32 and have zero answers. I just want to smile again. I want to be me again.

  71. Vickie stockton

    I’m writing for my sister she is really sick. She needs help soon . Or it’s going to be too late. If you can’t help her , can you tell me who can. She is my only real sister. There is way to much I want to tell you of what we
    have been through and how devastated our family is . We have been everywhere for help . I don’t know what to do to help anymore. She has been sick for 6 years and no one has ever looked at her tailbone . She says it’s broken and her body’s not connected. She has had kidney stones for 6 yrs . She is paralyzed and has to wear a Cath and a diaper and she has colonies of bacteria from the Cath. She has very painful muscle spasms from rectum bladder all the way down to her toes. And always has problem with going, she always is in so much pain that she can t even focus to adjust to the way she has to live now she has way more things wrong with her. They said she had gillian berret. Then transverse myalitus. It is unimaginable of what has happened to Bev and all she has been through and being thrown away by everyone in our medical system .

  72. Judy Mayo

    I have lupus, arthritis, fibromyalgia, blood clotting factor, thyroid problems, can’t use my left arm dues to falling on it, copd, bakers cyst on the back of my left leg, and osteoarthritis. Please help me. I was in good shape bout seven years ago now it’s hard to even get dressed to go out. It is so depressing to have to live like this.

    1. Jennifer Baehr

      I had a knee replacement, got infected then they said it was cured then I got sick again. They say I have an infection yet my blood counts are fine. They don’t know why I keep haviing issues with my leg. The doctors at this point are just guessing. I would love to find out what is wrong with me. Been sick for 4 years now and no one can seem to tell me why.

  73. Darren Delape

    I have been unable to find out what is going on with that body. I have had a lot of pain and have been suffering with this for years.

  74. Roy ryan

    Cat scratch fever endocarditis bartnenalli.

  75. Terry Eyberg

    I have suffered for over 25 years from what doctors say is a difficult case and no one can find relief for my pain. I’ve had 8 operations, blood and iron transfusions and live on medication that doesn’t even control my pain. I would love to be connected to a doctor who can finally shine a ray of sun on my otherwise bleak existence. Thank you.

  76. Lisa Girard

    I have been sick since 2012. I have seen over 20 doctors, I have had many diagnoses, then they would do test’s, they were all negative. I can barely walk now and I fear I will be in a wheelchair soon. I really need your help Please.

  77. Cynthia Farley Fitzpatrick

    I’ve had numerous health issues and no one doctor can tell me what’s happening and if there is light at the end of the tunnel. I want to get on the show “Chasing the cure” to get someone/anyone to give me hope.

    1. Terry Eyberg

      I hope you get on the show and find relief. Good luck.


      Where do I send info for my father. He’s been sick for over 5 yrs, his liver is not working properly. His ammonia levels get extremely high because his body can’t pass it like should. It’s not caused from alcohol abuse, nor hepatitis. His doctors just say his liver isn’t functioning properly and they don’t know why. He can’t leave the house because the meds make him poop all the time to extract the ammonia. When your ammonia levels get too high it makes it like you have alzheimers.
      He’s a Veteran and just seems like they put him aside.
      We need answers and help please.

    3. Tammi kuhnau

      My husband has been having pain in his right hip going down to his knee, he had a spin simulator put in because they thought it was nerve pain ,that didn’t help he says it feels like getting zap by electricity. We have been to mayo clinic and about 5 to 7 dr. He is 62 and was in great health until about 7 years ago and it started slow. He has to walk with a cane. He takes oxycodone and slow release morphine every day. Please help.


        OMG I had a spinal stimulater put place in also and it has been a nightmare, I can not wear shoes, socks, or walk. I am wheel chair bound and I am in pain 24 hr’s a day.


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