Casting People Nationwide in Serious, Online Relationships

By | January 31, 2019

Are you in love with someone online that you have never met?

A new TV project is looking to cast couples that have been together, online, for sometime yet have never met face to face. The show is specifically hoping to find people that are looking to marry each other even though they have not been able to make the in-person meeting actually happen.

If that is your story and you are dying to make that meeting happen… the show may be able to help.

If you are totally ready to meet your online love for the very first time and are actually thinking that this is the person that you would like to marry, casting directors would love to hjear all about it.

The show is interested in couples of all kinds, both traditional and non-traditional, and, are casting in the United Staes, nationwide.

See the casting flyer below for more details.

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Nevermets We are looking for couples who have been dating online and are planning to marry, but have never met in person. If this is you, we can help make it happen. Please contact or fill out our application here


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