Casting People Ready To Move into Their Own Home

An upcoming home show is looking for people that are ready to purchase their own home.

The show is casting people over 30 nationwide that are ready to begin their personal journey to owning their own home. The casting directors are looking for people who are ready to move out of their parent’s home as well as those that are ready to break free of their longtime roommates.  Please see below for the details.

Ready to leave your college roommate?

Casting Depot is now casting NATIONWIDE – If you have the money saved up and you’re you’re ready to stop sharing an apartment with your college roommate & move into your own home, a major TV network wants to follow your journey to home ownership.

Must be over 30 to apply.

Ready to leave your parent’s house?

Are you still living in your childhood bedroom?

Are you ready to start #adulting and make the move out of your parents’ house to purchase your first home?

If so, a major TV network wants to help share your incredible story!?

?If you have the money saved up & you’re ready to make the move out of your parents’ house & into your own home, we want to share your story & inspire others on this brand new series.


1. You’re still living at your parents’ house (grandparents/aunts/godparents ok) and are ready to purchase your first home.

2. You’ve purchased a home within the last 6 months after living at home.

3. If you appear to be over the age of 30.

*Casting is open to individuals & couples (dating, engaged & married)

See for more info on how to apply for the show.

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