Casting Serial Brides, People That Are Always Getting Married


Casting brides and grooms who are getting married again!

“It’s one thing to always be the bridesmaid and never the bride, but it’s quite another thing to always be… the bride. Welcome to SERIAL BRIDES – an arc’d new docu-series featuring America’s most marriable ladies. These ladies aren’t runaway brides, they’re marathon brides!

Over the course of this drama-filled season, we’ll follow the lives of several ‘serial brides,’ who have all been married several times. By several, we don’t mean just two or three marriages, we mean some of these ladies have been married upwards of nine or ten times.

The kicker is: all of these ladies are getting ready to marry for what they hope to be the last time. We’ll be there to capture all of the magic, mayhem and many naysayers of their new relationships leading up to their special days. Join us as we watch these marriage veterans get ready to go down the aisle for what is supposed to be the last time on SERIAL BRIDES.”

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