Get Cast on The $100,000 Pyramid Game Show


ABC Pyramid game show now casting contestants.

Love the newest version of $100,000 Pyramid?

If so, here is a chance to take a shot at getting on the show and maybe even getting to the top of that pyramid and the $100k in cash that goes along with it.  The popular ABC game show is still casting for the 2019 season and searching for contestants who can guess their way up the Pyramid ladder.

The newest version of the Pyramid game show is now casting for it’s 4th season.  For those who may not remember, $100,000 Pyramid was a popular game show in the 1970’s and originally hosted by Dick Clark. A few years back, ABC revived the show a few times since the 70’s and the latest version is hosted by Michael Strahan.

The premise of Pyramid has stayed true to it’s origin. Two teams of two compete in a word game where teams try to guess the mystery word. The game features teams of 2. One person is the contestant and the other is a celebrity that attempts to help. One person provides clues to the mystery words while the other partner attempts to guess the mystery words before the clock runs out.

Pyramid casting notice

This show has gone through quite a few name changes over the years. Since the money amount is in the title, the title kept changing to adjust for inflation.

In the 1973 when it first aired, the show was called $10,000 Pyramid. In 1976 they made it to $20,000, and by the 80’s, the show became the $25,000 Pyramid. Other versions also existed over the years and now the show is $100,000 Pyramid. For sometime, the show was also simply called “Pyramid.”

Through all its variations, the premise has remained close to the same….
Players attempt to guess a series of words or phrases based on descriptions given to them by their teammates.

Those interested can actually audition for the show online by way of the website.


We’re looking for SMART, WITTY, DYNAMIC, AND ENERGETIC PEOPLE with a COMPETITIVE DRIVE! On the show, contestants team up with celebrities and put their word association skills to the test for a chance to win big money and prizes.

Apply at and make sure you upload a video in your casting application!

Filming is April 2019 in NYC. We will be casting folks from across the nation. **Must be 21+ and a legal U.S. resident**

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