Lead Roles for “Cielo Azul Live” in Houston Texas


Cielo Azul Live Casting Audition

Location: Houston Texas

Type: Film

CASTING CALL in Houston!
We are currently seeking actors and actresses for our lead roles in our upcoming short film project “Cielo Azul” (production set to start early 2020). The film is slated for submission to the Sundance film festival in 2021. Please note this is an indie film and all acting positions are unpaid but you will receive IMBD Credit. Please email headshots/stats/resumes to: anneamarproductions@gmail.com subject:casting/role you want to audition for to schedule your live audition for the morning of December 14th 2019.

Lead Roles:

Dani Delgado – Early 20’s. Feminine Transgender woman (She/Her) recently unemployed and estranged from her unsupportive religious Mexican family. She has low self-esteem and can’t seem to catch a break. Dani is petite and fashionable. Bilingual.

Ben – Late 20’s. Black male from NYC, finance major, very laid back and kind of quiet but open to having a good time. Ben is fit and loves a suit as much as he loves his gym wear. Must be comfortable performing intimate(kissing) scenes with transgender actress.

Supporting Roles:

Kathleen Humphries – Early 50’s Caucasian, Miserable and mean, very transphobic, Christian woman with marital issues.

Judith Garner – open to various ages 30-50 and ethnicities. She is the human resources manager and is a religious conservative with biased policies.

Victoria Zamora – Early 20’s. Soft spoken human resources assistant. English.

Pastor Rogelio – late 60’s . Very Mexican. Great at giving funeral sermons. Spanish.

Delia Delgado – early 50’s. Traditional Mexican mother who follows her husband. Spanish.

Miguel Delgado- early 50’s. Traditional Mexican father. Religious and proud, cares a great deal of what others think. Spanish.

Lucia- early 20’s. Mexican. Wears her promiscuity on her sleeve, but pretends she is the Virgin Mary around her family. Bilingual.

Tia Lupe – early 50’s. Mexican, religious and always correcting her daughter. Spanish.

Female therapist – open to any age and ethnicity – very few lines in the opening scene.

Joel – Early 30’s. Proud, entitled and arrogant. He has anger issues due to constant rejection from women.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Houston Texas
Please submit to: anneamarproductions@gmail.com

This casting notice was posted by: Anne Amar Productions

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