Los Angeles Area Actors for “The Voice” Student Film


Location: Los Angeles

Type: Student Films

THE VOICE – When a married classical pianist visits an upper-class couple’s mansion with his wife, their lives are put in jeopardy for voicing support of the lower class and he is forced to save his wife from the totalitarian government.

SABRINA – a housewife in her middle 30s, Lans’ wife. Also belongs to the high class. Very talkative, careless and narrow-minded. Utterly believes in the regime and idolizes the Leader of the government, brainwashed. She believes in the greatness of the country and judges anyone who doesn’t support it and believes that they should be punished for that.

WILL – The protagonist of the story – a perspective piano player in his late 20s. Ambitious, pragmatic and kind at heart person. Will belongs to the middle class and dreams about becoming a successful and acclaimed piano player. He is happy that his talent is being recognized and happy to be among the representatives of the higher class, dreaming that one day he’ll be one of them. Even though he understands that the government is very totalitarian and acknowledges the injustice, he accepts the reality as it is, trying to make an advantage of the circumstances and dreaming about becoming rich.

AVELYNN – a singer in her late 20s, Will’s wife. Sincere, kind and compassionate person. Just like Will, she belongs to the middle class of the society. Even though it is very dangerous to share true opinion with anyone in the country, she is less careful than Will in hiding her emotions. Gets very emotional when she sees injustice and disdains the government, dreaming about a more fair society.

LANS – a governmental worker in his middle 30s. Belongs to the high class, very firm and sneaky person. He also understands all the absurdity and cruelty of the regime but makes everything to benefit from it and contributes to the system. He’s attentive and suspicious person, detects any threat that can be posed to the regime.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles
Please submit to: zhumadilovabk@gmail.com by 2019-10-15

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