Nationwide / Worldwide Video Auditions for Movie “Wander”



Location: Nationwide, Worldwide including India & Australia.

Type: Film

A love story on 7 continents. Feature film shooting around the world fall 2019. A cross between “ About Time, ” “ Before Sunrise” and “ Samsara. ” This film crosses genres and is a narrative/ documentary hybrid.

Actors must have a strong case of wanderlust and a good sense of adventure. If any fear of flying, heights, water, bugs, etc., this is not for you. Strong comedic and improvisational skills required.

[BEN] Male / All Ethnicities / 18-21 (age 25, but need someone younger to play older), a young Harrison Ford type.
Ethnicity is not the main criteria-it’s about his character. He’s the ultimate survivor. Alone since the age of 6, raised by a myriad of strangers — police, orphanages, primitive tribes — he’s faced every conceivable climate, every imaginable threat, natural or man-made. And through it all, he has learned one thing: how to survive.
But you wouldn’t know it from looking at him. He’s small in frame. He’s a clean freak. He’s organized. He has systems and routines for everything. He’s a master of being alone. He’s charismatic when he needs to be and brutal when necessary, and keenly aware of the difference between “needs” and “wants”.
He’s made friends and enemies all over the planet, some of which still haunt him. He’s deeply scarred by loss: anyone or anything he’s ever loved has been ripped away from him. Thus, the only thing he’s truly afraid of is the one thing he wants the most.

Ben MUST appear to be youthful/boyish.
Looking for 18-21 yr old to play 25, height 5’8″ to 5’11”, weight 145lbs to 165lbs
Ben’s age and size is relevant to the story line as he gets in situations we’re not sure he can get out of.

[NELLIE] Female / All Ethnicities / 18 – a young Audrey Hepburn type.
18-22 (should look young), a young Audrey Hepburn type. She’s intelligent, creative and disillusioned. Bursting with wanderlust, but also terribly afraid of heights and thus has never gone near an airplane. She’s never once left her small town.
No one knows how hard she works to seem “normal”. On the surface, she’s smart, calm and beautiful. Underneath, she’s profoundly out of place and alone. Having lost her mother at a young age, she lives to make her single father proud.

She’s been accepted into a great school close to home and is dedicated to idea of settling down and creating a “normal” life. The only problem is, she doesn’t want any of it. What she really wants is beyond the limits of her hometown, tantalizing but out of reach.

Nellie MUST BE LEGAL 18 and also appear to be 18 (not older). Nellie’s age is relevant to the story line.

Additional notes:

The auditions will initially be done via self-tape and we are accepting submissions INTERNATIONALLY from all continents. Once the director has narrowed his selections down to a few, then we will do video conferencing such as Skype to hold call backs. From there, if the talent can travel easily, we will fly them to Los Angeles for screen tests most likely. If travel to the US is not possible, then the director and a producer may come to the city where the talent is, and meet them there.

We would like to close our initial submissions on March 30th, so I would love to get this up and active asap.

This project is being produced by TXL Films: we are located in Toluca Lake, California.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: ‘nationwide’
Please submit to: Closed

This casting notice was posted by: TXL Films, Inc.

5 thoughts on “Nationwide / Worldwide Video Auditions for Movie “Wander”

  1. Andrew

    Yo I’m a guy looking to see myself in a movie. pick me, don’t pick me, I love you each way lmaoooooo.

  2. Steffi Blankers

    I am interested in the role of Nellie but I do not know what I have to say in the audition tape, I could not find a script.

  3. Sheryl rubee

    I want to play the role of Nellie and I know I can do her part. I know and that we both have the same charisma.. The only thing I’m worried is that I’m not yet 18. I will turn 18 this upcoming September.

  4. Betsy Armstrong

    As a relatively new actor on this site, I’m a bit confused as to what you’re wanting in the audition tape. Is there a script that I didn’t see or do we just improv what we think the character would do?

    Thank you!


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